10 fun facts about June babies

The month of June brings with it hope, sunshine, long days and the early days of summer. If you’re expecting your baby in June, you might be wondering what their little personality will be like or what their future might hold, so we’ve gathered together some fun facts to inspire you!

Birth flower

Your lucky June baby’s birth flower is the rose – one of the most popular flowers of all time. Roses have been revered for centuries thanks to their classic good looks and exquisite fragrance. The meaning of roses can change depending on the colour, but they generally represent love and romance.



It’s not just in the flower department that June babies are blessed! June is only one of two months that has two traditional birthstones associated with it rather than the standard one. Pearl and alexandrite are both connected to June, giving you plenty of stunning choices when it comes to choosing a special gift.



Morgan Freeman (1st), Liam Neeson (7th), the Olsen twins (13th), Courtney Cox (15th), Venus Williams (17th), Paul McCartney (18th) Prince William (21st) and Ariana Grande (27th) all celebrate their birthdays in June, so your baby will be in good company.


Astrology & horoscopes

Geminis (May 21st – June 20th) are said to be playful and curious, often pursuing a wide range hobbies, passions and friendships. They are quick-witted and sociable, but they can have short attention spans. Cancer people (June 21st – July 22nd) are able to thrive in both their emotional and material worlds and are highly sensitive to their environment. Much like their spirit animal – the crab – Cancers can appear to have a hard exterior, but over time they will reveal their kind and gentle nature.


Great things are coming

Although summer babies are thought to be at a disadvantage when it comes to academics as they are the youngest in their class, don’t worry; they’ll soon catch up. In fact, there are more Nobel Prize winners born in June than in any other month, so your baby is quite capable of achieving world-class greatness.


Night owls

We hate to break it to you, but babies born in the summer months are more likely to favour later bedtimes, thanks to the longer days. But there is some good news…


Circadian rhythm

…in their later years, June babies are more likely to have a smooth-running internal clock, meaning they can naturally wake themselves up and get ready for the day ahead. Perhaps it’ll give you a chance to catch up on all that sleep you missed in their baby years!


The bright side

Maybe it’s something to do with the longer days that contributes to their sunny outlook on life, but June babies tend to be natural optimists, with the ability to see every down as a prelude to an up.


Mood swings

Despite their natural optimism, June babies are prone to mood swings. Their positivity can turn off pretty quickly, but the good news is that they can switch back just as fast.


Playing it safe

Unlike their autumn and winter-born peers, June babies are less likely to take risks. Babies born in June and have among the lowest levels of dopamine, meaning they’re not thrill seekers and like to play it safe!