10 Fun Facts About October Babies

Is your baby due in October? Do you know what their birth stone and flowers are? You might think that astrology and horoscopes are nonsense, but it's always fun to daydream about your baby's future - will they become an Olympic athlete? Will they tend to keep a messy bedroom or a tidy one? Here are some fun facts to get that imagination flowing!


Libras (born between 23rd September and 22nd October) hate conflict and chaos, and strive for their lives to be as smooth and drama-free as possible by using their diplomatic skills to build bridges. They are able to form relationships with many different types of people and social groups, but because they have the ability to constantly consider multiple perspectives, they really struggle with indecision.



If your October baby is born towards the end of the month (the 23rd onwards), you’ll have a loyal, smart and powerful Scorpio on your hands! Scorpios are intense and like challenges and extremes, often testing the limits. But for all that fearlessness and turbulence, they are guarded when it comes to their private lives, making them difficult to decipher.



Research suggests that people born in October and November are more physically fit and athletic than those born in other months. This could be due to the increased levels of vitamin D a mother receives in the later stages of pregnancy which occur in the summer, resulting in slightly bigger bone and muscle mass.



If you’re keen for your child to put that athletic ability to good use and become a basketball player, you might be in luck: October babies tend to be slightly taller than their peers born in other months.



Did you know that fewer women go into labour and give birth on October 31st than any other day in the month? The theory is the spooky occasion subconsciously puts women off. On the other hand Valentine’s Day has an increased birth rate compared to other days, probably because everyone is surrounded by love and they just can’t wait to meet the new arrival who is sure to steal their heart!



Julie Andrews (1st), John Lennon (9th), Eleanor Roosevelt (11th), Ryan Reynolds (23rd), Pablo Picasso (25th) and Julia Roberts (28th) are all October babies so your little one will be in great company.



October babies have two birth stones – Opal and Tourmaline. Both are magical, but if opal isn’t your birthstone, then don’t be tempted to wear it in honour of your baby because it’s said to be bad luck if worn by those not born in October!



You’ve been paired with the Marigold! These pretty vibrant orange-coloured flowers symbolise passion and creativity, and were cultivated by the Aztecs who believed they had magical properties.



Scientists have discovered that babies who spent an entire pollen season (typically May to August) in the womb are less likely to develop allergies and related conditions such as hay fever and asthma in later life.



Babies born in autumn are more likely to live to 100, research suggests, with October babies the most likely. One possible explanation is because they were not exposed to seasonal infections or vitamin deficiency in early life that can cause long-lasting damage to health. So congrats to October babies – here’s to many years to come!