12 Autumn-Inspired Baby Name Ideas

Autumn is here and has turned everything gorgeous shades of red, brown and gold. If your little one is due this season, or you just love this beautiful time of year, take a look at our favourite autumnal names for a little inspiration.

autumn baby


Let’s start with an obvious one! You don’t get much more autumnal than the word Autumn, which makes an unusual but beautiful name for a baby born at this time of year.



Latin for ‘the golden one’, Aurelia is a beautiful name with ethereal undertones. A great choice if you are drawn to the hugely popular Olivia and Amelia but are looking for something a little more unusual.



The name Radley comes from the Old English word for ‘red meadow’ and would suit a red-headed boy or a baby born in autumn when red meadows are ubiquitous.



Gorgeous for both boys and girls, this simple name means pear tree, which comes into season during autumn, bringing with it russet-toned fruit. What a sweet name!



The official flower for September, the aster is a stunning lilac bloom, whose name comes from the Greek word for star.



Similar to Laura and Lauren but with a more botanical edge, Laurel relates back to the laurel wreaths worn by the ancient Romans, signifying peace and success. A beautiful name with beautiful connotations.



A variation of Siena, a historic town in the Tuscany region of Italy, Sienna is also the name of a rich, reddish-brown hue which is synonymous with autumn and the colours that it brings.



Precious stones such as Ruby, Jade and Pearl make popular girls’ names, and the name Amber is an ideal choice for a baby born in the autumn months, thanks to the stone’s rich, golden tones.



A lovely name for either a boy or girl, this name of Scottish and Irish origin means ‘little redhead’, making it perfect for a baby lucky enough to be born with red hair, especially during the autumn months.



The singer Pink chose to name her daughter after this beautiful tree as it’s a flexible species that the elements can’t break – instead it can bend and withstand whatever it’s exposed to. We think this is a great name for a girl destined for great things.



The Hebrew name for ‘autumn rain’, we can’t think of a better name for a girl born in September, October or November, especially when you take into account the Great British weather.



A name of Old English origin, Forrest means ‘dweller of the woods’ which is the perfect name for a child destined for a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Plus, is there any better time to visit the woods than in autumn with all those fallen leaves to crunch?