12 boys’ names similar – but different – to some of 2019’s most popular

In case you missed it, BabyCentre recently released its annual round-up of the year’s most popular baby names. It will come as no surprise that the top of the boys’ chart included names like Noah, Charlie, Oscar and Freddie – and it’s not difficult to see why these names are so popular – they are the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. But, what do you do if you love the sound of popular names but want something that’s encountered less often? We’ve rounded up 12 similar sounding names to some of 2019’s most popular that didn’t make it onto the top 100 list.

If you like Noah, choose...


If you’re a fan of Hebrew names from the Old Testament, consider Isaiah, which has a similarly gentle sound to Noah. The biblical Isaiah was one of the most important prophets, having prophesised that God would bring the Children of Israel back to their homeland after they were exiled. Although enjoying a bit of a revival, Isaiah hasn’t been popular enough to make it onto the top 100 list.


If you like Oliver, choose...


Names beginning with O roll off the tongue effortlessly, so it’s no surprise that Oliver – which comes from the Latin for olive tree – was 2019’s 4th most popular boys’ name. As well as sharing the same first letter, the name Oren too has botanical origins, coming from the Hebrew word for laurel or pine tree.


If you like Arthur, choose...


With stylish, old school flair and a whole host of famous namesakes, it’s no wonder Arthur is enjoying a revival. If you’re after another name steeped in legend, look no further than fellow character from King Arthur’s story and Knight of the Round Table, Tristan. This dragon-slaying hero is perfect for naming your fearless boy after, especially if he’s destined to bravely take on tough challenges.


If you like Max, choose…


Max boasts Latin origins, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a name that’s recognisable around the world. If you like the strong ‘x’ sound, consider Dexter – or Dex for short. It too has Latin origins, meaning ‘right-handed’ and gave way to the word ‘dexterous’, making it great name for a baby who is destined to be a hard-working, industrious individual.


If you like Joshua, choose…


The gentle-sound middle and vowel ending makes the name Joshua very appealing, and it’s not hard to see why it was 2019’s 18th most popular boys’ name. For a similar, soft sound and fellow Old Testament figure, try Asher, a Hebrew name meaning ‘blessed, happy one’.


If you like Finley, choose…


Similar in sound and similar in meaning, Finley (fair-haired hero) and Flynn (son of the red-haired one) both have Irish origins and are great name choices for a boy. Although Finlay – or Finn for short – was 2019’s 30th most popular boy’s name, the equally appealing Flynn didn’t make it onto the list, making it a more unique alternative.


If you like Jack, choose…


Short, single-syllable names are appealing because of their simplicity, so it comes as no surprise that Jack was 10th in the most popular names list. For a similar-sounding and very similar-looking alternative, consider Jake. The nickname form of Jacob (which incidentally was 13th on the list) is uncomplicated and understated, making it a stylish yet classic choice.


If you like Arlo, choose…


Names ending in an ‘o’ possess an affectionate quality perfect for happy, bouncing babies. If you like the dual-syllable sound of Arlo but want a name that’s slightly harder to come by, consider Milo. Visually and audibly similar, Milo comes from the Latin word for ‘soldier’, making it a great choice for resilient and conscientious characters.


If you like Thomas, choose...


Easily translated into other languages and with a familiar charm, it’s not hard to see why Thomas appears in the top 50 year after year. However, Timothy makes a lovely alternative due to its similar sound and length. Although the name peaked in the 1960s, we think it deserves a comeback thanks to its classic Greek origins and just the right amount of an old school vibe.


If you like Leo, choose…


Although fans of the Harry Potter books and films may negatively associate the name Draco with the protagonist’s nemesis, it makes for a more unusual alternative to Leo, sharing an astrological theme. Coming from the Latin for ‘dragon’, Draco is also the name of a constellation which never sets and can be seen all year round in the northern hemisphere.

If you like Elliot, choose…


Elliot is currently enjoying a revival and is even creeping into girls’ name territory. If you like the sound of this name (which is derived from similarly popular Elijah), consider Emmett. With Hebrew, German and English origins and meaning ‘universal’, Emmett really is an all-round great name that will suit lots of babies, especially if you are looking for a name that’s familiar but seldom encountered.


If you like Luca, choose…


The Italian name Luca has been enjoying a fair bit of popularity over the last few years – its charming European vibe sounds both contemporary and reassuringly familiar. For a comparable sound, consider the name Micah. Although its origins are firmly biblical, the name Micah shares Luca’s hard ‘c’ and gentle vowel ending, creating an appealing balance.