12 Girls’ Names Similar – But Different – To Some of 2019’s Most Popular

In case you missed it, BabyCentre recently released its annual round-up of the year’s most popular baby names. It will come as no surprise that the top of the girls’ chart included names like Olivia, Sophia, Mia and Isabella – and it’s not difficult to see why these names are so popular – they are the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. But, what do you do if you love the sound of popular names but want something that’s encountered less often? We’ve rounded up 12 similar sounding names to some of 2019’s most popular that didn’t make it onto the top 100 list.

If you like Sophia, choose…


It’s not hard to understand the appeal of super popular Sophia, which has connections to many international cultures. If you like the three syllables and flowing ‘ia’ ending, consider Lucia. Lucia can be pronounced either loo-SEE-a or loo-CHEE-a and is a more European take on the classic English name Lucy.


If you like Lily, choose…


In Roman mythology, Camilla was a quick-witted huntress, making the name a good choice for babies destined to be strong and independent. It shares the same gentle ‘L’ sound as Lily, rounded off with soft vowels that roll off the tongue effortlessly.


If you like Isla, choose…


In recent years, Isla has become one of the UK’s most popular names, with a whopping 3,046 babies given the name in England and Wales in 2018 alone. There’s no denying it’s a gorgeous choice, however fellow Scottish name, Iona is just as beautiful. In fact, the connection doesn’t end there – Iona is the name of an island just off the coast of Scotland, while Isla simply means ‘Island’ in the Scottish language.


If you like Alice, choose…


Although unrelated in origin or meaning, Alice and Astrid look and sound fairly similar, with the latter coming from the Norse word for ‘divinely beautiful’. Despite its rather ethereal meaning, the hard ‘d’ ending gives Astrid a bit of a tougher edge, helping to strike the perfect balance between hard and soft. Popular in Scandinavia, the name is much harder to come by in English-speaking countries, making it an interesting option.


If you like Olivia, choose…


Olivia has dominated the baby name charts in recent years, thanks to its pretty botanical meaning. If you’re attracted to plant names, consider Dahlia as an equally beautiful alternative, which shares the pretty ‘ia’ ending, and is visually similar when written down.


If you like Luna, choose…


Beautiful and with an ethereal feel, it’s no surprise Luna is fast gaining popularity. For a similar-sounding and similar-looking alternative that too has an outer-space vibe, consider Lyra. Lyra is the name of a constellation, so it’s ideal for parents who have an interest in astronomy or mythology. Lyra is also the heroine in the much-loved His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman – a complex character who is adventurous and headstrong.


If you like Freya, choose...


With Norse origins meaning ‘noble woman’, Freya is a great choice for your little lady destined for good things. The gentle sound of the vowels and soft consonants are mimicked in the name Faye, an equally beautiful option.


If you like Ava, choose…


Just three letters long with a V in the middle, palindromes Ava and Eve are remarkably similar, with the latter being a lot less popular. Eve, the oldest name in the bible means ‘life’ in Hebrew, making it an all-round special name.


If you like Sienna, choose…


Originating from the name of a Tuscan city, Sienna has gained popularity in recent years, possibly helped by actress Sienna Miller. If you like the way the name sounds, an alternative would be Stella which has a celestial, magical vibe thanks to its Latin translation for the word star. It’s also makes a lesser-used alternative to more popular ‘-ella’ names like Isabella and Arabella.


If you like Grace, choose…


Virtue names often represent desirable qualities in someone’s personality, and there are plenty to choose from. However, in 2019 Grace took the spot for the most popular virtue name. As an alternative, you might want to consider Joy. Simple and timeless, this short, single-syllable name makes a lovely choice for a cheerful baby.


If you like Willow, choose...


Botanical names have always been popular, but if you find floral names a little too traditionally girly, consider naming your baby after a tree. With an equally attractive natural quality, tree names like Willow and Rowan portray a strong, grounded personality.


If you like Rosie, choose…


Names based around this classic flower are timeless, so it’s no great surprise that the more affectionate-sounding version – Rosie – was number 17 on the list. For a less popular but just as beautiful take on this floral name, opt for Rosalie. With French origins, it has a chic, European sound with an old-world feel – both Anne Bronte and Oscar Wilde used the name in their works.