15 Baby Name Ideas for Babies Born in Spring

Spring has well and truly sprung, and if your little lamb is due this season, we have some spring-themed name inspiration if you still haven’t found the right name!


If you have little girl due this month, consider April, which comes from the Latin for ‘to open’, referring to the opening of flowers in the springtime. Once the most popular month name for girls, in recent years it has been overtaken by May and June. For a continental twist, opt for Avril – French for April.



Meaning ‘young green shoot’ in Greek, Chloe is a popular yet sweet choice for your little bean who’s now ready to pop out! In Greek mythology – Demeter – the goddess of agriculture and fertility was given the name Chloe through the spring months, making this the perfect name for babies born in this bountiful season.



The name Clover is a girls’ name of English origin meaning ‘key’ and makes the perfect choice if you’re looking for a botanical name that’s less popular than Rose and Lily. Clover has also been long associated with good luck, particularly the four-leaf variety.



Meaning ‘blooming’ in Latin, this is a perfect choice for your spring baby. It was made popular by Florence Nightingale, who was named after her birthplace of Florence, Italy. Although a neglected choice for a while, it’s definitely coming back to life, and rightly so! We think the name has a gorgeous floral feel.



Meaning ‘woodsman’ or ‘woods’ with French origin, we love the name Forest because it conjures up images of long spring afternoons spent exploring the outdoors.



Earthy names make a great choice for spring, and beautiful Gaia is one of our favourites. The name of the Greek mythological earth goddess and universal mother, Gaia was also known as ‘Mother Earth’ – perfect for eco-conscious families.



You’ll be familiar with the flower iris, but do you know what the word means? Iris comes from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’, an undeniably beautiful vision after an April shower. This colourful image led to the naming of the flower and to the coloured part of the eye.



French for ‘born in the spring’, we can’t think of a more perfect name for a spring baby. With gorgeous versions for both a little boy or girl, it makes the decision even easier if your little one’s sex is yet to be revealed.



If you like the super popular name Olivia, but are after a lesser-used version, Olive is an extra cute variation. The branches of the olive tree symbolise peace, while an olive wreath is a symbol of success.



Water-themed names are a great choice for spring-born babies, mainly because of the prevalence of April showers! A lovely name for both boys and girls, River has been enjoying a surge in popularity over the past several years. If you predict your baby will have a calm yet playful personality with an ability to go with the flow, this could be the name for them.



Although we associate robins with Christmas, did you know you’re much more likely to spot this dainty, red-breasted bird in the spring when it returns to the UK after a winter spent in warmer climates? Usually spelt Robyn for girls, the name Robin is gender-neutral choice we love.



If you’re hoping your baby will be of a sunny disposition, why not name them just that? Spring brings with it longer, sunnier days and a more optimistic outlook on life, making Sunny the perfect choice for your brand new ray of sunshine.



Enthusiasts of astrology and horoscopes expecting a Taurus baby born between April 21st and May 20th might want to consider the name Taurean. Analytical and intelligent, Taurus people will ponder deeply about all aspects of life, but when they’ve made up their mind on something, it’s rock solid.



Whether fantasy movies or large rounded flowers are your thing, Valerian makes a unique choice for your baby boy. With Latin origin, meaning ‘strength’ or ‘health’, it should be a strong contender on your list. Herbal tea aficionados will also be familiar with valerian root as a natural remedy to promote sleep – so it’s perfect for anyone who hopes their baby will be a great sleeper!



A boys’ name of Basque origin, Xavier means ‘new house’. Fitting for spring, a new house conjures up images of fresh starts and optimism for the future, so it’s a fantastic choice for your new arrival born this season.