15 Holly Jolly Name Ideas for Christmas Babies

Father Christmas might be on his way, but if you’re awaiting a different kind of imminent arrival and have yet to settle on a name, we’ve got you covered with some festive ideas.


Most famously known as Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph makes a lovely name for those who favour traditional, biblical names.



Not only do jingle bells come to mind, Belle also means ‘beautiful’ in French, making it just perfect for your own beautiful bundle of joy.



Meaning “devoted to God” in Hebrew, and with Gabriel being the angel who tells Mary she will bear the son of God, this is a strong choice for those who celebrate Christmas for their faith. Adorable nicknames include Gabe, Gaby and Abe.



A more feminine version of the name Noel, Noelle derives from the French word noël, meaning Christmas – an obvious choice for a Christmas baby. Another beautiful variation is Noella, and these can both be shortened to Nelly, Elle or Ella.



Consider this name if you’re a fan of Christmas tear-jerker Jack Frost – a movie about a father who is resurrected as a snowman.



Is it even Christmas without at least one viewing of Frozen? Fans of the famous ice queen might want to consider Elsa, which is shortened version of the German name Elisabeth.



Sticking with the movie theme, who can forget Buddy the elf, portrayed by the iconic Will Ferrell? This lovable character makes the perfect namesake for your Christmas baby.



According to babycenter, the name North saw a spike in popularity in 2013, around the same time Kim Kardashian announced the birth of her daughter North West. Although North West was a summer baby, the name can be considered for Christmas babies with its ties to the North Pole!



Arguably the most popular choice when it comes to naming December babies, Holly is a name as evergreen and beautiful as its namesake. The plant is associated with Christmas and winter; being one of the few plants to bear fruit during these cold months.



A nativity scene wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the three wise men, one of whom was named Caspar – the Dutch form of the original Jaspar.



Meaning ‘star’ in Latin and Italian, Stella is a wonderful choice for Christmas babies, reminiscent of the Star of Bethlehem and festive décor.



Perfect for light-hearted, cheerful babies, the word ‘merry’ is often followed by ‘Christmas’, making it ideal for babies born in the festive season. It’s also reminiscent of Mary, mother of Jesus.



Did you know you’re more likely to spot a robin in the spring? Nevertheless, this dainty little red-breasted bird is synonymous with the wintery, festive season and is a lovely choice for both boys and girls.



A name of Finnish origin meaning ‘snow’, Lumi is perfect for those dreaming of a white Christmas!



With German origins meaning ‘peaceful ruler’ which is apt for this time of year, Frederick is befitting of Christmas babies thanks to another festive connection – it was the name of Saint Nicholas’ (AKA Santa) older brother!