15 summer-themed names for babies born this season

It’s been a scorcher this week and if you’ve just had a baby or are due an imminent arrival, why not consider a name inspired by the current heatwave? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites which exude fun, exotic vibes to match your baby’s sunny personality.


Growing in popularity over the last decade, this exotic name easily rolls off the tongue. Kai means ‘ocean’ or ‘sea’ in Hawaiian and makes a gorgeous name for both boys and girls.



If you’re looking for a boys’ name in keeping with the current heatwave, consider Aidan – a name of Gaelic origin meaning ‘little fire’.



You’ve come across other month names like April, May and June, but have you ever considered August? Traditionally used for boys, August is a fresher take on Augustus, the Roman emperor and works for girls too.



Gemstone names like Ruby and Pearl have made a comeback in recent years but if you’re looking for something a little less popular, choose Coral, which conjures up images of the bright and summery hue.



If you’re lucky enough to be expecting a Leo, why not choose their star sign as their name too? Leo has become a  very popular boy’s name in the UK but we love it used as a shortened version of Leonora, Leona or Leonie for girls.



Spanish names exude an exotic elegance, and Marisol is no exception. Usually associated with the Virgin Mary, it is also made up of the Spanish words for ‘sea’ (mar) and ‘sun’ (sol) – an essential combination for summer holidays!



Sea-themed words always conjure up images of beach holidays, sun-kissed salty skin and the soothing sound of lapping wages. If you’ve missed this year’s holiday, bring the beach to you with your very own Ocean.



Looking for a girls’ name that isn’t on the top 100 list? Nerissa is a great choice, particularly if you’re a fan of the Greek language, meaning ‘from the sea’. Nerissa is also a witty character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, so your little one will be in good company.



French names never fail to exude exotic sophistication, why is why we love Soleil, the French word for ‘sun.



Summer is enjoying a comeback after rising in popularity briefly in the 1970s, and is a perfect choice if your baby is born in arguably the best season!



However you spell it, this name is a simple and sweet choice for your own ray of sunshine, whether they are a boy or girl.



Choose this dreamy-sounding name if you’re a fan of mythology, as Aurora was the name given to the Greek goddess of sunrises. Disney fans are covered too and will know it as Sleeping Beauty’s real name.



Derived from the Latin word Lucius, Luca means ‘bringer of light’, making it a very apt name for babies born during the season of bright, light days.



This unique Greek name is a form of Nerida or Nerine and means ‘mermaid’ – perfect if you’ve got visions of your little girl splashing happily in the water.



We can almost guarantee your little one will be the only Theros in their class. Meaning quite literally, ‘summer’ in Greek, it’s unique, strong and exotic.