20 beautiful boys’ names that aren’t on the top 100 list

When it comes to deciding on a baby name, that sweet spot between a name that people have heard of before and won’t require repeating to strangers forevermore and one that features on the annual top 100 list can be pretty elusive. But, if you’re looking for just that kind of name for your new or imminent arrival and need a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered. (Check out the girls’ version here).


Looking for a unisex name? Consider Robin. Although we associate this dainty red-breasted bird with Christmas, you’re more likely to spot a robin in the spring months, when it returns to the UK after a winter spent abroad in warmer climates.



As we enter further into the 21st century, the connections to a certain friendly ghost are slowly being shed. Casper was also one of the three wise men who brought gifts to baby Jesus, and fittingly, means ‘treasurer’.



The name of several Irish kings throughout history, Lorcan has a long and rich past. Meaning ‘small and fierce’, we can’t think of anything more appropriate for a determined little boy. It’ll get a thumbs up from Harry Potter fans too, as Lorcan was a minor character in the books, and twin brother to Luna.



Names of Irish origin often sound dashing and rakish, and Rafferty is no exception.  The name means ‘abundance’ or ‘prosperity’ so it’s ideal for a baby who is a sign of brilliant things to come. You can also use the nicknames Raff or Rafe for short.



Well-known as a prophet from the bible, the name Joel is short, simple and rolls easily off the tongue. Although not as popular as it was from the 1960s to 1990s, Joel still feels modern enough for the 21st century.



Coming from the Irish word for ‘charioteer’ Cormac was the name of a third century Irish king – Cormac Mac Airt – said to be the wisest man in the land. Cormac also makes an appearance as a minor character in Harry Potter.



The name Jonah comes from the Hebrew word for ‘dove’, and he was also the Old Testament prophet who was swallowed by a whale. Jonah is a great choice for parents looking for a biblical name that’s less popular than Jacob or Joshua.



Clement has its origins in Latin and means ‘mild and merciful’, making it perfect for gentle little boys. Clement is stylish with a vintage feel so you can be sure it will age well with your child. Plus, you can use Clem for short which we absolutely love.



Better known as a large sea between Asia and Europe, Caspian is derived from the Latin word for ‘white’. Avid readers will be familiar with Prince Caspian, one of the novels in the Chronicles of Narnia series, giving the name a stylish, arty feel.



If you’re a fan of the hugely popular Jacob but want a more unique variation, Jago is a good choice. Jacob has well-known connections to the bible, but also enjoyed a boost by the popular Twilight films.



Meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’, this space-themed name is fitting for babies born in 2021 after the Perseverance rover’s Mar landing in February. Mars was also the Roman god of fertility, for who the spring month of March was named, making the name ideal for spring arrivals.



Meaning ‘the Lord is my God’, Elias is a biblical name that really rolls off the tongue. It’s a fantastic alternative to the much more popular Ellis, with just one letter’s difference. You can use Eli for short, which is just as adorable.



With connections to a much-loved bear in a red jumper and yellow scarf, Rupert is a stylish variation of the name Robert. Meaning ‘bright flame’, little boys named Rupert are bound to be successful in whatever they do.



The Italian version of Matthew gives this classic name an exotic, continental twist that we love. The New Testament Matthew was dependable with an engaging personality which will bode well for your baby.



Although it enjoyed more popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, Timothy comes in and out of fashion. Its familiarity and playful rhythm make it a lovely choice for baby boys and lends itself to the easy nickname of Tim, which suits males of all ages.



Cillian has enjoyed a little more time in the limelight recently thanks to actor Cillian Murphy, best known for his role in Peaky Blinders. The Irish name means ‘little church’ and is significantly more popular in Ireland than it is in the rest of the UK.



With a mid-century feel, Monty is a lovely name if you’re looking for something classic and simple. Monty can be a nickname for either Montague (a pointy hill) or Montgomery (man power) but works just as well as its own name.



Malachy is the Irish version of the Hebrew name Malachi, meaning ‘my messenger’. It is also the name of the king who defeated the Vikings in the year 980 at the battle of Tara. If you opt for the name Malachy, you’ll be in good company – the aforementioned Cillian Murphy chose it for his son.



Originally used as a last name, Phelan is gaining popularity as a first name. It means ‘wolf’, making it an easier way to name your son after this loyal and protective animal. Perfect for your latest pack member!



Like many German names, Otto decreased in popularity during and after the World Wars but is now back in vogue. Meaning ‘wealthy’, it might indeed bring your little one good fortunes later in life!