20 beautiful girls’ names that aren’t on the top 100 list

Deciding on the right baby name can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re looking for something a little more unique that isn’t too ‘out there’ either. That’s why we’ve gathered together 20 girls’ names to help inspire you – we hope you find the one! (Check out the boys' version here).


Although Juno is an ancient name, it feels fresh and modern, thanks to its stylish ‘O’ ending. You might be familiar with it thanks to its use in film and literature (including the 2007 movie of the same name and as a character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest). Juno means ‘queen of the heavens’, making it perfect for the queen of your heart!



Delphine comes from the French word for Dolphin, making it a perfect name for water babies – plus – who doesn’t love dolphins? It also has connections to the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower, as well as the Greek town of Delphi, thought of as being the womb of the earth.



Nature-themed names are on the rise, thanks to parents becoming more eco-conscious which is why Sky is a great choice that’s on-trend. Short, simple and ideal for girls or boys.



Agnes comes from the Latin name Hagne which means pure and chaste. It was among the top 5 most popular names in England for several hundred years, but fell out of fashion in recent times. It’s enjoying a small revival, with actors Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany naming their daughter Agnes Lark.



Famous for being King Arthur’s queen, Guinevere is of Welsh origin and means ‘white shadow’ or ‘white wave’. You might not know that it’s actually an older form of Jennifer, which has Cornish roots.



Although Coral has fallen out of favour in recent times, the French variation, Coralie, is an extra pretty take on the marine-themed name.



If you gravitate towards virtue names, you might want to consider Verity. A littler rarer than popular Grace, Verity means ‘truth’ and has been slowly gaining popularity since the mid-1990s.



Another lovely choice for the eco-conscious, Gaia was the Greek earth goddess or ‘earth mother’. While the name is rare in the UK, it has been a popular choice in Italy since around 2000, where it has made the top 20 lists each year since.



A pretty take on the word ‘adored’ or ‘beloved one’, Adora has a dreamy, vintage feel to it. Choose this if you’re looking for a name that most people won’t have come across before but is still simple and straightforward.



Lillia is the perfect middle ground between Lily and Lillian, offering a fresh and modern take on the flower-based name.



You’re probably familiar with Nala from Lion King fame, but it also has a beautiful meaning that you might not have known. It has African origins and means ‘successful’ and is also found in the Arabic language and means ‘first drink of water’ – so refreshing!



Despite being a small and delicate songbird, the wren was once considered ‘king of birds’ according to folklore, giving the cute creature an air of hidden strength. We think babies named Wren will go on to do great things – just like Sir Christopher Wren, celebrated designed of St Paul’s Cathedral, Hampton Court and Kensington Palace.



If you love the super popular Olivia, but are after a lesser-used version, Olive is an extra cute variation. The olive branch symbolises peace, while an olive wreath is a symbol of success.



We are all familiar with the name Jasmine, making Jessamine a more unusual take on the floral name. You can use Jess as a nickname, making it a perfect alternative to Jessica.



Coming from the old Norse word for ‘god’ and ‘beautiful’, Astrid can also mean ‘godly strength’, making it a strong choice for determined little girls.



You don’t have to be a fan of singer-songwriter Ms Mitchell to fall in love with this sweet name. It’s of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’, similar to the name Joan with an adorable extra syllable.



A great choice for Beatrix Potter fans, Tabitha Twitchet is a character in the famous storybooks – the long-suffering mother to three mischievous kittens. The name Tabitha is of Aramaic origin and means ‘gazelle’, and lends itself to adorable nicknames like Tabby and Tibby.



Ramona is of Spanish origin and means ‘wise protector’, which could mean great things for your daughter. Ramona is also the name of the actress who plays the iconic Karen in the sitcom Outnumbered.



While the robust and fragrant herb might spring to mind, Sage also means ‘wise’, making this name twice as good! What’s more, burning sage is thought to purify the air, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. A great name if you’re looking for a girls’ name that isn’t too dainty.



Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, making Nova – which means ‘new’ in Latin – perfect for babies born this season. Nova is also found in astronomy, and is the name given to a star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy, temporarily becoming amazingly bright. What a brilliant name for your own shining star!