5 ways to prepare your nursery

Getting your baby’s nursery ready is an exciting time, and often when their arrival suddenly feels very ‘real’. You’ve probably decided on colour schemes and décor, but we’ve rounded up some practical tips to ensure the nursery works for you to make day-to-day life run a little smoother.


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Safety First

The most important thing when preparing your baby’s nursery is to make sure it’s safe and secure, especially as they become more mobile. Ensure there are no blind cords that your baby can reach from their cot, check there aren’t any damaged plug sockets or wiring and if you have any furniture that could topple over, especially if your child begins to use it for support, secure it to the wall. Think about where you’ll place the cot too, ideally away from windows, radiators and decorations.



Think about lighting, especially during night feeds and nappy changes. You’ll want to avoid harsh lights, in order to keep your baby (and you!) in ‘night mode’ so you can both get back to sleep easily. With this in mind, strategically place dim lighting or night lights near the changing station, nursing chair or any other areas you need to use in the middle of the night, so you can see what you’re doing without lighting up the whole room.


Surfaces & seats

You’ve probably got the cot sorted, but it’s a good idea to invest in baby bouncer too, so your baby can relax while sitting upright and taking in the world around them. We love the aden + anais 3-in-1 Transition Seat, that seamlessly transitions from bouncer to rocker to seat, and comes with a toy bar to gently entertain your little one. A playmat is a great idea too, offering a soft area for your baby to play and exercise on. Babies can start tummy time on the floor at just a few months old, allowing them the opportunity to strengthen their upper body, as well as giving them a different view of the world. Choose the aden + anais Baby Bonding Playmat which is generously sized for a parent and baby to interact with together, and features lots of textures, fabrics and illustrations to explore – essential for stimulating their senses.


Keep essentials close

Keep any essentials and your most-used products in places that are easy to access, preferably near where you will need them. For example, keep nappies, wipes and cream on the changing table, along with a couple of extra vests and sleepsuits in case there are any accidents. If you have a nursing chair, load up a small caddy next to it with some muslin cloths and perhaps a bottle of water and snacks for yourself to tide you over until your baby finishes their feed.



Despite their tiny size, babies accumulate a lot of stuff, so ample storage is a must for keeping things organised, tidy and easy to find. It’s a good idea to keep essentials and a small back-up supply in clear view so you can easily see when you need to restock. Also make sure you have enough storage to store a few items in the next size up – you’ll be surprised by how your baby will suddenly not fit in their newborn size sleepsuit, seemingly overnight!


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