7 ways to prepare for your baby’s arrival (that you’ll thank yourself for later!)

If your due date is approaching, make the most of the calm before the chaos to prepare yourself and your home for your baby. By implementing a few of these tips, you’ll feel a lot more prepared and will be able to devote more time to marvelling at the latest member of your family!

Get to grips with equipment

If your little one’s arrival is imminent, chances are you’re currently surrounded by all the baby gear that you’ll need. You’ve probably worked out how the ‘big’ stuff works, like the buggy, car seat and crib but it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the smaller gadgets or anything that you’re not planning on using until later. The need for formula powder, baby carrier or ear thermometer can crop up unexpectedly and the last thing you want to be doing is frantically reading an instruction manual at three in the morning (or worse – realising something is faulty) with a screaming baby on your hands!


Fill the freezer with easy meals

Probably the best way to lighten the load on your future self is to prepare a good supply of nutritious meals for your freezer in advance. Not only will healthy, home-cooked meals help you nourish your body as it heals from birth and boost your energy levels, you’ll also be less tempted to reach for the takeaway menu when you realise it’s 8pm and all you’ve eaten all day is toast! Make things even easier for yourself by opting for a meal bundle from Mindful Chef – a collection of delicious and healthy chef-prepared meals perfect for your freezer. Mindful Chef meal bundles also make the perfect gift for sending to new parents – we can guarantee frazzled new mums and dads will be forever grateful!

Multiple changing stations

You’ll be changing your newborn’s nappy 8-10 times a day, so save yourself the hassle of constantly trudging up and down the stairs (especially important if you’re recovering from a c-section or episiotomy) by setting up a nappy changing station on each floor. Do this by stocking a caddy or small storage container with nappies, wipes, nappy cream, a clean sleepsuit for unexpected poo explosions and a muslin cloth to lay on the floor if you haven’t got a changing mat to hand.


Don’t pre-wash everything

It’s a good idea to pre-wash a supply of clothing basics like vests and sleepsuits ahead of time but resist the temptation to wash everything, especially too many newborn-sized items (you might find you need to go up a size quickly) and adorable little outfits that will likely go unused when you realise your baby spends most of their time in sleepsuits. Unworn clothes with the tags still attached can potentially be exchanged later for something else, or you can repurpose them as gifts.


Night time essentials

Sadly, there’s no avoiding the broken sleep in the early days but there are things you can do to make the experience a little easier and almost something to look forward to. Keep your creature comforts close to hand – be it fully-charged wireless earphones to listen to your favourite podcast with or a supply of tasty snacks to keep you going until breakfast. Chocolate at 4am is completely acceptable during the newborn days!


Rethink your laundry basket

Your laundry basket is about to get a lot of use, so make sure they system you've set up will work well for you once your baby arrives. You might want to swap your current basket for one with different compartments; either for separating whites and colours to simplify washing, or to separate your clothes from your baby's - those tiny socks have a habit of disappearing!


Prepare for stains

There's no avoiding the poo explosions in the early days, but don't let them ruin those tiny outfits or nice new carpets. Arm yourself with stain removers that will be tough on stains, or stock up on natural alternatives like white vinegar and baking soda to help beat the stains – tackling stains as soon as possible makes them less likely to be permanent.