8 Christmas-Inspired Baby Name Ideas

The Christmas season has well and truly arrived, along with all things sparkly and bright. Whilst you may not like to consider naming your new baby Twinkle or Tinsel, there are some gorgeous traditional and more modern Christmas baby names for you to consider. Today on the blog, we're sharing 8 of our favourites.


Arguably the most popular choice when it comes to naming December babies, Holly is a name as evergreen and beautiful as its namesake. The plant is associated with Christmas and winter; being one of the few plants to bear fruit during these cold months.



Meaning "devoted to God" in Hebrew, and with Gabriel being the angel who tells Mary she will bear the son of God, this is a strong choice for those who celebrate Christmas for their faith. Adorable nicknames include Gabe, Gaby and Abe, and it suits both boys and girls alike.



We all know why this one made it on the list. But, if you need a little more convincing to give your Christmas baby this classic name, how about giving it a twist and naming them after your favourite FRIENDS character, 'Joey'? Or, choosing a nickname to match your favourite brand... JoJo!



According to babycenter, the name North saw a spike in popularity in 2013, around the same time Kim Kardashian announced the birth of her daughter North West. Although North West was a summer baby, the name can be considered for Christmas babies with its ties to the North Pole - where Santa lives!



We all know that Christmas is a time for giving, but did you know that in early modern Europe it originated with begging? It is said that back then, bands of young men would go from home to home demanding presents from the wealthy. This then shifted from giving to the less fortunate to more specifically, children. This charitable act then became the huge marketing campaign that it is today.



A more feminine version of the name Noel, Noella derives from the French word noël, meaning Christmas - an obvious choice for a Christmas baby. Another beautiful variation is Noelle, and these can both be shortened to Noey, Nelly, Elle or Ella.



This could be a short form of Kristen, meaning "follower of Christ" or Kristphoer meaning "Christ bearer". Traditionally a boys' name, Kris is rising in popularity for girls now too, perhaps due to more Kardashian/ Jenner influences.



To top it all off, we have Angel - a stunning gender neutral choice meaning "messenger". Although it ranks pretty high on the popularity list, it does seem to be losing favour, so this could be a good year to give the name to your baby. We can't guarantee they'll be an angel by nature, but the name could be the first step to encourage them!


Do you have a December baby on the way? Let us know if you have any favourites in the comments below!