8 Rainforest Inspired Baby Names

At the start of May 2022, we launched our Rainforest Collection with prints inspired by the animals of Gola, a rainforest national park in Sierra Leone.

We have also partnered with fellow B Corp ClimateCare to compensate for a proportion of our carbon emissions through a conservation project in the Gola rainforest in Sierra Leone. Gola is a unique and biodiverse rainforest with global importance for key species of fauna and flora. It plays a crucial role in offsetting the world’s carbon emissions and finance from companies like ours is essential to protect the 140,000 hectares of rainforest.

In keeping with this and just in time for World Rainforest Day on the 22nd June 2022, we have come up with 8 rainforest inspired baby names! Just as we’ve looked to the flora and fauna of rainforests around the world for ideas, why not consider our list of unusual and adorable names for your new arrival.


Tropical rainforests have some of the largest rivers in the world, like the Amazon, this is because of the tremendous amount of precipitation their watersheds receive.

The word means ‘flowing body of water’ and they commonly symbolise life and tranquillity making it a beautiful name.


Inspired by the Giant Water Lily which grows in the Amazon rainforest, these amazing plants are the largest of all waterlilies.

Their beautiful flowers are white and will only open at night, and they are regarded as objects of great beauty.


This name is inspired by the most common rainforest plant. The fern can be found growing on the forest floor, on logs, in tree canopies and on trunks.

Ferns help rainforest to create the thick blanket of lush green they are so known for and play a huge part in a rainforests eco system.


The name Rain is of course influenced by the incredibly high rain fall that tropical rainforest experience. In general, tropical rainforests have hot and humid climates where it rains virtually every day.

For many rain is a calming, cosy and occasionally dramatic!


Orchid may not be as common as other flower inspired names such as Rose or Daisy, but the orchid is known as one of nature's most exquisite flowers! They are also the largest family of flowers in the entire world with most of the 25,000 species being found in rainforest.

These flowers, and therefore the name represent beauty.


A rainforest wouldn’t be a forest without the many trees that live within it. The name Arbor comes from the Latin name ‘tree’. A simple meaning that directly links to nature.

This usual name is great for those who love to spend time outdoors and are looking for something a little different for their new arrival.


You can name your child Sierra, after the West African country Sierra Leone, home to a rainforest that inspired our Gola collection. Gola Rainforest is home to hundreds of plants and trees and many rare and endangered animals.

As a place of peace, prosperity, and national pride in Sierra Leone, it could be the perfect name for your little one.


Named after the Bromeliad flower found in tropical forests. A brightly coloured flower, it grows on tropical tree branches at the tops of the forest canopy.

They are known for being good adapters, changing to suit their surroundings and flourishing.