9 Ways to Simplify Flying with your Baby

As the summertime approaches, many of us will be getting ready for a summer holiday, including a flight to explore a new country. There are many things to consider when flying with a baby. Here are some suggestions that will help simplify what can be a stressful task and make you feel more in control.


Dad and baby standing in airport lounge

1. Get Comfy

When travelling with your baby, for most of the flight your child will be on your lap, so taking a cushion or blanket can make both of you more comfortable. You can also check with your airline if you can request bulkhead seats with additional space or a bassinet on long-haul flights.

2. Stick to your routine

If you’re concerned that your baby may be fussy on the flight, you might want to consider taking a night flight to your destination. This may enable your baby to sleep at least a portion of the flight. You can even dress your baby in a pyjama set ahead of boarding.

3. Security Checks

Carrying your baby through security and collapsing your buggy in advance, if you have chosen not to check it in, can also simplify the security check process. Not only does it save time, but it also means your little one does not have to be unsettled as part of the process.

4. Carry On

It can be useful to carry your baby in a baby carrier or sling, not only do you free up your hands when handling luggage at the airport, but it can also be more comfortable to walk your baby up and down aisles during the flight if needed.

5. Feeling the Pressure

The pressure during ascent and descent may make your baby uncomfortable during take-off and landing. An easy way to help is to have your baby feed during these times as the swallowing action may relieve some discomfort.

6. Get Organised

Make sure you pack your nappy bag clearly, so you know which section contains what you need, as well as ensuring nappies and wipes are well stocked and easily available, this will make it much easier on the flight when you may need to do several changes.

7. Inflight Entertainment

Bringing toys and books on board that your baby has never seen before may also help to keep them engaged for longer. This may reduce the amount of entertainment you need to bring on board and allow you to pack your carry on a little lighter.

8. Prepare to Board

As a courtesy many airlines allow those with babies and young children to board the plane earlier than the public, this can be helpful if you want to get on board and settled with plenty of time before take-off but also bear in mind this is additional time spent in a smaller space and you may feel calmer waiting in the more open gate area.

9. You've got This!

Remember if your baby does cry that many of the people around you will understand, flight attendants are there to help you and you and your baby will arrive at your destination soon. You can do this!