Brains & Games: Top Picks for Your Baby’s Development

Today, we’re sharing some simple games that will help your child in their early development stages, encouraging them to progress at a steady rate and ultimately allowing them to hit each special milestone as they come. So, get your game face on, because play is the best way to boost your baby’s development on every level. Whether it’s silly noises or faces that might not seem educational to you, your baby can surprisingly learn a lot from basic games that can be easily added to your everyday routine.


Lay your baby on their back, crumple up some coloured fabric or a napkin (whatever you can find that’s light) into a ball, throw it into the air and let it float down to them. This game will encourage your baby’s visual tracking as they’ll follow the fabric with their eyes. Just try to avoid aiming for their little face in case they forget to blink!

Here at JoJo we offer plenty of toys that aid in visual tracking development, like the Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads, that help stimulate your child’s senses with its assortment of shapes, textures and colours.


Try a basic version of the popular party game with your partner, friend or a family member. As your baby gets older, try pausing the music and passing the toy or parcel every so often to help develop their listening skills, physical co-ordination and sense of self control.

By using both of their hands to grab the prize, your child is using cross-brain communication, which can improve writing, reading and problem-solving skills as they grow!


Hide your face with your hands and wait for a few seconds, then reappear and gently say; ‘peek-a-boo!’.  It’s a great game for improving attention and concentration in newborns and older babies alike, and is sure to get them grinning and enjoying that special bonding time. This game will also help your child understand that when something (or someone) isn’t visible, it still exists – a concept called object permanence.

According to studies, children don’t fully grasp this concept until they’re at least 18 months old, but peek-a-boo helps babies understand that although you might disappear, you’ll come back, helping to avoid clinginess.


Pick a fun toy that your little one will be able to shake in time to music, or a musical toy that they’ll be able to clap their hands to, like the Halilit Musical Ring and the Skip Hop Explore and More Music Set. Musical toys will not only provide hours of fun and entertainment – they introduce different sounds and rhythm to your baby, which stimulates their auditory and comprehensive skills.


Let us know which game worked best for you baby, share in the comments!