Fun Facts About January Babies

Have you given birth or are due to give birth to a baby this month? January marks the start of a new year and for many, the beginning of life as a parent. Read today’s blog to find out what shiny birthstone they’ll be paired with and what personality traits they may develop. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, it’s always fun to imagine what your baby’s future could hold!


Whether you deliver an early January Capricorn baby or a late January Aquarius, they’re going to have some pretty positive traits, according to horoscopes. Capricorns (22nd December – 19th January) are said to be responsible masters of self-control, who are likely to make strong leaders and hold their values – especially those relating to family and friendship – close to their heart. Meanwhile, Aquarius are good helpers who are known for seeing without prejudice and being great problem solvers. This air sign thrives on stimulation and is easily bored without something to put their mind to – flash cards and puzzles at the ready for your little intellectual!



Babies born on the 1st January are more likely to make it into headlines than those born any other time of the year. In some countries, the first baby to be born on the first day of the new year is granted with a prize – parents could be lucky enough to enjoy a year of free nappies or put away some serious savings for their new arrival.



It could be the chill in the air, but babies born in the winter months are said to be more chilled out and less prone to mood swings than those born during the warmer months. Those born under the Aquarius sign are thought to be cold in the more unwelcoming sense of the word – but, once they get to know and trust you, they will become the friendliest people you know.



Carnation and Snowdrop are the January birth flowers! Carnations are the most popular birth flower for this month, symbolising admiration, love and distinction. Their bright colourful blooms certainly are distinctive in these gloomy January days. Despite their droopy form, snowdrops symbolise hope and re-birth – the flowers predict a bright future for your little one.



Columbia University research has shown that children born in the winter seasons are more prone to allergic reactions. Experts believe this is due to Vitamin D being vital for healthy development of the immune system, and with winter babies getting less sun exposure, they naturally get less Vitamin D. So, you may want to be extra vigilant when introducing new foods.

On a lighter note, winter born babies are said to be less likely to develop seasonal depression or SADs than those born in spring and summer. This may be something to do with how light exposure in early life affects the nervous system.



It’s always fun to know who your celebrity birthday twin is – maybe your baby will grow up to follow in their shiny footsteps! Stars born in January include: Nigella Lawson (6th), Lewis Hamilton (7th), Kate Middleton (9th), Orlando Bloom (13th), Kate Moss (16th), Jessica Ennis-Hill (28th). It looks like you could have a top chef, racer, model, actor or athlete on your hands!



Offering some relief to the impending doom of sleepless nights with a newborn, it is said that January babies fall asleep quicker and earlier than summer-born babes. But, season of birth was found to have no effect on sleep duration, so if you have an early sleeper, you’re likely to have an early riser on your hands too. If you’re more of a morning person than a night owl, you could be in luck.



A birthday in January means your child will likely be amongst the oldest in their class, which could give them an advantage on the playing field. Studies have shown that the oldest kids are more likely to go on to play sports professionally thanks to this helpful starting point. January-born adults are most likely be GPs or accountants according to a study by the Office of National Statistics. Even if they don’t follow their celebrity birthday twin down the red carpet, it seems they’ll still make a pretty decent living!