How Do You Start Potty Training? With the Potty Song!

Today on the Little Extras blog, in celebration of our latest in-store potty training event, 'Potty Talk', we're sharing a fun little riddle that we’ve created to help your little one flush away their toilet fears and ultimately get them feeling less anxious to do their doo-doo’s. Encouragement or fun games will help boost their confidence and give them that extra oomph to go potty!

Plus: Don't forget to book to visit us in store for our next Potty Talk potty training event, running from the 8th - 14th July.


First, you've got to tell your mum,

Tell her there's a rumble in your tum.

Pull down your trousers or your skirt,

And get ready for the wee-wee squirt!

Or if it's a poop, don't hold back,

Because you're a big boy/ girl -

So relax and kickback!

When you're done, grab a tissue

Mum said this was easy, and it's so true!

Pull everything up and give your hands a wash

Watch the water go splish, splash, splosh!

Now your hands are all clean and fresh

Potty training has been a success!


 Try out our potty song and even mimic the actions to help your little one feel more at ease around the potty or toilet. Enjoy and have a little fun, this could be a special bonding moment for the two of you! And don't forget to tell us if it worked - did our song lead to potty training success? Which other techniques do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.