Ideas to Help Babyproof your Home

This Child Safety Week (6-12 June) we've put together some suggestions on baby proofing to help you create a safe, comfortable home environment for your little one as they become more mobile and begin to explore. 

child throwing ball away through safety gates in front of stairs

Cover Electrical Outlets 

Use lockable covers on any unused plug sockets to prevent your child from accessing them. You can be assured that the socket cover can only be removed by adult hands when your child begins to crawl and grab.

Secure Furniture

In no time, your little one will be using furniture to pull themselves up as they learn to walk. When babyproofing, ensure that heavy free-standing furniture such as dressers, cabinets, and TV stands are securely fastened. Some furniture comes with anti-tip straps or brackets that attach to the wall, but these can also be purchased at most DIY stores.

Windows & Doors

A simple door stopping device prevents doors from slamming on tiny fingers and children from getting stuck in rooms. You can also install locks or restrictors on to your windows so the window can be opened slightly for ventilation but without opening far enough for children to fall.

Out Of Reach

The simplest change you can make to keep your baby from accessing any potentially hazardous objects is to ensure items such as house plants can't be pulled down, nappy bags can't be grabbed, and cleaning supplies are stored safely out of reach. Identify items that you may want to move.

Block Off The Stairs 

Keep your crawling baby from climbing up the stairs unattended by installing stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Most safety gates are wall-mounted and have an easy-to-use design, so you can open them with just one hand - perfect for busy parents who have their hands full!

Protect Against Sharp Edges

You may want to use corner protectors on any sharp corners or edges in your home, in particular those on low level furniture, such as coffee tables and TV stands. The cushioning of these sharp edges will help prevent injuries as your child finds their balance.


For any additional assistance on Child Safety visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust.