Introducing: Mini Mio, the Baby Skincare Range from Mama Mio

At JoJo HQ, we’re huge fans of pregnancy skincare brand Mama Mio, which is why we were so excited when they launched a collection especially for babies. Mini Mio is available now, and we’ve rounded up all the need-to-know info you need about the gorgeous new collection. Plus, enjoy 10% off for a limited time.


Introducing Mini Mio, the latest addition to the Mama Mio family! An exciting new range brought to you by award-winning, expert pregnancy skincare brand Mama Mio, for the mini moments that matter most. For parents' peace of mind, Mini Mio is naturally powered by vegan, cruelty-free and paediatrician-approved premium ingredients and nourishing oils. You can trust Mini Mio products to nourish, soothe, calm and protect even the most sensitive baby skin.

From Bump Care, To Baby Skincare

For over 17-years Mama Mio has been there to support and nourish Mama-to-be skin throughout the 9-month str-e-tch and beyond with their effective, pregnancy safe formulas. Now, Mama Mio have extended this love and care to your little ones. Mini Mio provides naturally powered baby skincare that brings parents and little ones together for moments of bonding. Each product is designed to help you connect with your baby, in your own unique way, every moment of the day.

Treading gently on the planet to help protect future generations, Mini Mio uses the best quality ingredients and sources our packaging and materials sustainably and responsibly. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, jar and cap in your plastic bin and carton in your paper!


Why is it important to use baby specific skincare?

Baby skin is thinner than adult skin, making it more prone to becoming dry and dehydrated. As infants grow, they are still developing the protective lipid and moisture balance within their skin, whilst it continues to mature and develop. Therefore, using products formulated specifically for babies’ skin is beneficial to maintain a healthy barrier, keeping their skin nourished and protected against irritants – this is crucial for your little one’s wellbeing!

NOTE: Midwives recommend using only water on baby’s skin for the first 3 months of their life, as this is when it is most sensitive. After that, you can help keep their skin nourished and soothed with our gentle baby skincare products.


Discover the Range


Mini Mio Comfort & Calm Bum Balm

Soothe delicate skin with Mini Mio’s protective multi-purpose Comfort & Calm Bum Balm. This comforting cream leaves a protective layer on baby’s skin leaving it super soft and nourished, perfect for use on any dry patches or problem areas, as well as on bums!


Mini Mio Beddy Byes Bath Milk

Indulge in precious moments at night-time with Mini Mio’s calming Beddy Byes Bath Milk, the ultimate addition for a comforting night-time routine. The gentle milky bath soak gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin whilst the soothing Lavender scent helps wind down before bed.


Mini Mio Sweet Cheeks Moisturiser

Protect baby’s delicate skin from dryness with Mini Mio’s nourishing Sweet Cheeks Moisturiser, from top to tiny toe! Packed with a unique blend of Shea, Avocado and Coconut Oils rich in Omegas, and our dermatologically-tested Skin Nurturing Omega Complex, to help keep baby's skin feeling moisturised all day long.


Mini Mio Mini Moments Massage Gel

Create special moments of connection between you and baby with our Mini Moments Massage Gel. This soft gel effortlessly melts down into a lightweight oil, leaving baby’s skin looking and feeling silky soft and comforted. Our Massage Gel will help enhance those precious skin-to-skin moments so you can enjoy bonding time with baby.


Mini Mio Oh So Clean Foaming Wash

Scrub the grub away with our Oh So Clean Hair and Body Cleanser. With an easy-to-use pump, this creamy body wash gently cleanses hair and skin to keep it fresh and nourished. Formulated with natural ingredients including chicory inulin to hydrate and protect against dryness, and natural betaine to retain moisture.


Mini Mio Tub Time Bath Bubbles

Create sensorial fun at bath time with Mini Mio’s Tub Time Bath Bubbles! This gentle, baby safe bubble bath leaves little one’s skin looking and feeling clean, nourished and protected from dryness thanks to our unique blend of Shea, Avocado and Coconut Oils, overflowing in Omegas. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin!