JoJo Shopping List: Weaning Essentials

As National Weaning Week comes to an end, we hope you’ve had plenty of successful mess-free feeding experiences with your little one. If you have yet to start the weaning process but are considering doing so soon, read today’s blog to find out which products you’ll need, add them to your Wishlist, and have a happy JoJo shopping experience!


Mop up any unwanted mess and dribbles with our selection of bibs. We have crumb-catch pockets, long-sleeved, reversible, wipe-clean options in lots of fun prints to suit every little personality and style!

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Mealtimes can be chaos, but with our selection of bowls, plates and placemats, you can make things a little less messy and a lot more fun! Discover practical designs that stay in place on the table without slipping around, have raised sides to help them scoop with success, and matching sets that make wonderful gifts.

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The pink placemat is no longer available, but green and blue are just as lovely!


Make the transition from bottle to cup easier with a colourful option from JoJo that will help your little one sip with no spills, whatever stage of the weaning process you’re at. Plus, when you’re out and about, be sure to pick up a pack of sippy cup savers – little ones often think throwing their cup out of the pram is a fun game, but it won’t be much fun for you when they’re thirsty and their cup's gone missing or is too dirty to use!

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Cutlery that has been specially designed for little hands will do your child so many favours at the dinner table. Ergonomically adapted for your baby to grasp, our selection of little spoons, forks and knives are essential for successful weaning. Soft silicone options are gentle against sensitive gums when feeding first solids, and look out for curved handles that make it comfortable for your baby to manage the grip.

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Whether you’re at home or in a café, keeping your child at the right height and engaged at the table will make feeding them easier. Invest in one of our many highchairs that come with plenty of practical features like removable washable seat covers, adjustable height levels, detachable meal trays and more.

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