Differences Between Raising Summer and Winter Babies

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, raising a baby is tough work! But, some things can make it slightly easier or more difficult depending on the weather or time of year. Find out how your changing bag essentials may differ and how your weaning journey could vary in today’s blog. 

Changing Bag

The essentials you carry around in your changing bag may be slightly different with a winter baby compared to a summer baby. You’ll want to pack extra socks (they always lose a few); a multi-tasking moisturiser that caters for nappy rash, dry skin and chapped lips; hand sanitiser will come in useful during flu season, and did you know babies may tend to pee more when it’s cold? They’ll feel the cold more with a wet nappy too, so it’s best to carry a good supply of extras. 

 Potty Training

Potty training will be a whole different experience, depending on when your little one startsYour summer child will be comfortable plodding around without a nappy on, meaning they can sit on the potty whenever they like, and it will be easy to pop out the potty at park for quick access. Winter children, on the other hand, will be wearing more layers which can lead to more accidents, and will find it more difficult to use the potty at home if it is too cold for them to go bare bottom. Of, course children can start potty training at any time, not just around their birthday, so be ready to experience both. 

 Birthday Parties

That big garden party you’ve always imagined you’d throw for your little one, complete with bouncy castle and BBQ, might not be on the cards if their birthday falls in January! Summer and winter babies will have very different birthday experiences. But, both could fall during school holidays, which is something no parent wants to contend with! 

 First Weeks

Life as a new mum may seem easier to cope with during those first few weeks if your baby is born in summer. You can enjoy strolls in the park or get out in the garden, which can be a big relief when being cooped up starts to feel overwhelming. Being out and about also makes it easier to socialise and potentially meet other new mums. But, in winter you might feel more content to be snuggled up in a warm room without feeling guilty about not being ready to venture out yet. 


When your baby is ready to start weaning (at around 6 months), you might be glad they were a winter baby who will start weaning in summer. You may have more access to fresh fruit for yummy purées, and you can do more picnics outside so there’s less mess to clean up! On the other hand, winter weaners can enjoy comforting root vegetable soups, which are just as tasty. 


If you have a spring-born child, you may have a little night owl on your hands! Children born in spring tend to enter a deep sleep later than those born in autumn or winter. One likely reason for this is that our sunlight exposure at birth plays a part in regulating our body clocks. So, be prepared to extend that bedtime routine. 


Children born in the summer will be the youngest in their year group when school starts in September. This does not necessarily mean they will struggle, but they may need a little extra help with learning than winter-born children. 


What was your favourite thing about raising a summer or winter baby? Let us know in the comments below.