The Top Baby Names in England & Wales Revealed: Is Yours on the List?

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has just released its list of England and Wales’ most popular baby names of 2020. Oliver and Olivia took the top spots again, for the 5th year running – but they’re actually on the decline. There were a few surprises further down the top 100 list, with Maeve being the largest new entry, rising 124 places since 2019. Read on to see if your baby’s name made this year’s list!


Oliver (4,225 babies)

George (4,100)

Arthur (4,052)

Noah (4,042)

Muhammed (3,710)

Leo (3,314)

Oscar (3,268)

Harry (3,209)

Archie (2,944)

Jack (2,900)



Olivia (3,640 babies)

Amelia (3,319)

Isla (2,749)

Ava (2,679)

Mia (2,303)

Ivy (2,166)

Lily (2,150)

Isabella (2,052)

Rosie (2,035)

Sophia (2,028)