These Are the Products I used Most in My Baby’s First Year

JoJo’s Online Editor had her first child last year, and despite being exposed to every baby-related gadget on the market, she was keen to keep unnecessary gear to a minimum! Just over a year on, she looks back on the products she actually used – and continues to use – the most. If you, too, […]

18 Gender Neutral Baby Name Ideas

Unisex names are more popular than ever – which could be because we’re breaking down gender boundaries or we’re just more likely to be set on a name before we find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl! This naming trend looks like it’s here to stay, and if you need a little […]

12 Autumn-Inspired Baby Name Ideas

Autumn is here and has turned everything gorgeous shades of red, brown and gold. If your little one is due this season, or you just love this beautiful time of year, take a look at our favourite autumnal names for a little inspiration.

Which Sleeping Bag? Here’s Our Ultimate Guide

A sleeping bag is a great way to keep babies and young children cosy and safely covered up as they sleep, and avoids the age-old problem of blankets moving around and disturbing a peaceful slumber. At JoJo, you’ll find an extensive selection of sleeping bags – they are available in countless designs and styles, and […]