WIN! 2 x Laura Brand’s Book ‘The Joy Journal’, Plus Easy Activities to Replace Screen Time

Although the lockdown has finally started to ease up, we are still spending much more time indoors than before. If you are struggling to detach your children from their favourite online games and shows, Laura Brand has put together some of her favourite activities that she enjoys with her daughters both in the house and out in […]

15 Healthy (and achievable) Habits for Mind, Body & Soul

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6 Egg-citing Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Happy Easter from Little Extras! If you’re stuck for things to do at home to mark the occasion, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of fun activities, tips and advice, to help fill those chocolate egg-shaped holes in your lives. (Unless you’ve been lucky enough to receive an Easter Egg in the post […]

127 baby name ideas for every taste

Whether you’re looking for a seasonally-themed name, a name that isn’t on the top 100 list, or a gender-neutral name, we have a whopping 127 ideas to get you started.