Picnic Play with Our Favourite JoJo Products

Did you know this week is National Picnic Week? Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, there’s nothing better than creating a cute picnic setting for you and your child to enjoy snack time or imaginary games. Whether you have a little boy or girl, they will love kicking back on a picnic blanket and role […]

How to Get a Smooth Morning Routine with Kids

If you have a toddler or more than one small child in the family, there’s no doubt you’ve had a stressful morning routine at least one day this week if not every day! Some children are difficult to motivate in the morning, especially when their favourite cartoons are on or it’s raining outside and they’re […]

How to Prep for Your Child’s Birthday in 7 Easy Steps

When you’re planning and hosting a birthday party for your child, you’re likely to experience every emotion under the sun, from happy to sad, and glad to mad! From stress-clutching decisions on what cake filling to get because they love chocolate and vanilla, to seeing their little faces light up with excitement when they see […]

Creative Kids: 4 Fun Ways to Make an Art Wall

There’s always that fear hanging over that your child will find the Crayola’s or non-wash markers and will cover the walls in flower pictures, stick people and car drawings. Below we’ll be listing a few simple ways you can create them an art wall of their own (Depending on how much space you have and […]