Fun Facts for Kids About Penguins & Polar Bears

Winter has truly arrived, and who is probably most happy about this? The polar bears and penguins, of course! Today, we’re putting our arctic friends in the spotlight – check out our adorable collection and learn some fun facts to share with your kids when they wear their favourite penguin Christmas jumper from JoJo.

Bedtime Routine Tips for 3 Kids of Different Ages with SJ Strum

Today on the blog, parenting vlogger SJ Strum is sharing her most practical and flexible tips for getting a smooth bedtime routine with 3 children of different ages. Check out the video and read through the tips below to help give your evening drill some consistency, so you have plenty of time left over to […]

Which Sleeping Bag? Here’s Our Ultimate Guide

A sleeping bag is a great way to keep babies and young children cosy and safely covered up as they sleep, and avoids the age-old problem of blankets moving around and disturbing a peaceful slumber. At JoJo, you’ll find an extensive selection of sleeping bags – they are available in countless designs and styles, and […]

Back to School Traditions from Around the World

By now, the new school uniforms and shiny new stationery will have been bought just in time for your child’s first day of school. You’ll soon be taking the obligatory photos of your little one in their slightly-too-big school sweatshirt and shedding a small tear as you wave them off at the school gates for […]