Pyjamas that Make Your Children Glow to Bed

Our amazing glow in the dark pyjamas really are as fun as they are practical. You’ll have no bedtime blues in your household when your child slips into these cosy and exciting PJ’s that only the most exciting dreams are made of. From bright starry night skies to glimmering jungles and fluorescent dinosaurs, these styles […]

Is Your Child Getting Too Old For Blankie?

Am I classed as an adult? Yes. Do I still seek comfort? Yes. Do I still have a teddy in my bed? Yes. And his name is Spot Wild (he’s a leopard). I’ve had this teddy for as long as I can remember – he’s been on sleepovers with me, travelled the world with me, […]

The ‘Carry Me’ Phase Explained

Once your child hits around the age of 2 or 3, they’ve probably been walking long enough to know that it’s an effort, that they feel disconnected from their parent, and they can’t see nearly half as much as they could when they were being carried or wheeled around. This is when the “carry me” […]

Elmer Takes the Spotlight

As you may have heard, Elmer Day is fast approaching. As part of the celebration, we’ve launched our brand new, exclusive to JoJo Elmer collection that includes the perfect outfit options for your Elmer Day party! Today, we’re also sharing our exclusive interview with author of the Elmer books – David McKee, read on to […]