Your Free Guide to Starting Nursery or School with Nana’s Manners

If your little one is starting nursery or school soon, you may be wondering what the most important skills are for them to learn before they hit this next big milestone. We’ve teamed up with Nana’s Manners, creators of innovative, ergonomically designed children’s cutlery, to design a booklet full of useful tips and advice on […]

COMPETITION + 4 Tips for Getting Your Children into Cooking

Teaching your children to cook will provide them invaluable skills for the future and allow them to learn about the importance of healthy balanced meals. Today on the blog, Jane Rylands, from family kitchen appliance providers Belling, shares her insight into why we should be getting our kids into cooking, as well as some of […]

How Do You Start Potty Training? With the Potty Song!

Today on the Little Extras blog, in celebration of our latest in-store potty training event, ‘Potty Talk’, we’re sharing a fun little riddle that we’ve created to help your little one flush away their toilet fears and ultimately get them feeling less anxious to do their doo-doo’s. Encouragement or fun games will help boost their […]

Sun Protection for Babies Over 6 Months

Summer has arrived and it’s finally time to go out and enjoy the sunshine. We recently posted a guest blog by First Aid for Life founder Emma Hammett about how to keep babies under 6 months safe from the sun. Today, Emma offers advice for older babies and children, giving you peace of mind when […]