10 ways for toddlers to help around the house

Getting your toddler to help with household chores not only instils good habits, it also helps develop vital skills. They can they practice their problem-solving skills and learn about cause and effect, and can also enjoy a sense of pride and accomplishment when they’ve completed a task, as well as feeling empowered by contributing to […]

8 Fun and Free Activity Sheets by Orchard Toys | Download & Print

We love Orchard Toys because they’re all about making learning fun! They understand the importance of children learning and playing from a young age, which is why they create so many amazing games, jigsaws and activities that educate, interest and engage young ones. Today on the blog, we’re sharing some free activity sheets designed by […]

7 Educational Toys and Their Benefits

Today is National Day of Unplugging, and in recognition of taking a 24-hour respite from technology, we’ve decided to share 7 toys that not only make a great alternative to the iPad when it comes to keeping kids entertained, but also pack a whole host of educational benefits too!

Ready to Start Potty Training? Here’s A Handy Checklist

Potty training doesn’t necessarily have to be all stress and mess. Today on the blog, we’ve teamed up with potty training expert Susan Wallace from Settled Petals and bestselling potty brand Potette, to bring you a handy checklist of essentials. Having all the necessary equipment ready to go from the start should make the process […]