COMPETITION + 4 Tips for Getting Your Children into Cooking

Teaching your children to cook will provide them invaluable skills for the future and allow them to learn about the importance of healthy balanced meals. Today on the blog, Jane Rylands, from family kitchen appliance providers Belling, shares her insight into why we should be getting our kids into cooking, as well as some of […]

Sun Protection for Babies Over 6 Months

Summer has arrived and it’s finally time to go out and enjoy the sunshine. We recently posted a guest blog by First Aid for Life founder Emma Hammett about how to keep babies under 6 months safe from the sun. Today, Emma offers advice for older babies and children, giving you peace of mind when […]

How to Get a Smooth Morning Routine with Kids

If you have a toddler or more than one small child in the family, there’s no doubt you’ve had a stressful morning routine at least one day this week if not every day! Some children are difficult to motivate in the morning, especially when their favourite cartoons are on or it’s raining outside and they’re […]

Water Makes the World Go Round: World Environment Day

Last year’s World Environment Day saw the planet turn the tide on plastic pollution. From countries vowing to ban single-use plastic in the next three years to McDonald’s swapping out plastic straws for the more eco-friendly paper option, we really did all come together to fight the effects of plastic on the environment. At JoJo, […]