8 Reasons Why You Love Being a Parent

Your life will completely change once you have a child, but what you may not know is that the best things are yet to come! In celebration of our new #MyJoJoJourney video series, where today we’re sharing our customers’ thoughts on the highs and lows of parenting, we’re sharing just a few of the many […]

7 Ways to Become a More Patient Parent

We’ve all experienced the temper tantrums, the ‘no’ phase, and the dinner time outbursts because their ketchup touched their chips! These things can drive us nuts and can be one of the hardest parts of raising a child; trying to remain calm when your kids are driving you up the wall after a long day […]

Baby On Board – But No Free Seat

Having to use public transport at any stage of pregnancy can be an uncomfortable, cramped and tiring experience, because growing a tiny human isn’t exhausting enough without having to worry about getting a seat on the train too. Although these situations can be a little awkward at times, people will often haggle with themselves, ‘’I’m […]

A Relaxing Pregnancy with HYP Candles

Today’s guest post features Rebecca Gillies – founder of Help Your Pregnancy candles. Let’s face it, growing a baby is no mean feat. At HYP, we think that expectant mothers are more than deserving of some time out to indulge and pamper, and what better way to treat yourself than to introduce some gentle, safe […]