5 Tips for Wellbeing at Home During Pregnancy

As the effects of Coronavirus take hold across the world, it’s easy to see why so many of us are anxious, particularly those who are pregnant. With government advice (at the time of writing) being that pregnant women should avoid as much contact with others as possible, many of those expecting are choosing to self-isolate […]

#DiversifyMotherhood with Kelly Knox

We’ve teamed up with mum, model and activist Kelly Knox to launch our #DiversifyMotherhood campaign. Kelly has been a longtime campaigner for diversity in mainstream media and high street fashion, asking for campaigns that relate to all body types. She recently welcomed her second child, and is fronting our maternity capsule collection; a curation of […]

Jen Brister on NCT Classes

Today’s blog post is an extract taken from The Other Mother by Jen Brister. Written from the non-biological parent’s point of view within a same-sex relationship, Jen’s writing is eye-opening, wise and hilariously relatable. Here, she writes about her experiences with NCT classes which every parent will relate to, no matter the family set-up. The […]

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Maternity Leave

Congratulations, you’ve had your baby and the hard part is out of the way! Unless you’re fresh out of the office and still waiting for your big day to arrive. Either way, now you’re home and you’re going to want to enjoy your maternity leave. Well, there’s no need to just try, it is possible […]