National Vegetarian Week: 10 practical tips for going veggie on a budget

While only 14% of UK households include vegetarians, a whopping 74% are consciously reducing their consumption of red meat with 35% of households introducing at least one dedicated vegetarian day per week (figures from Leatherhead Food Research). More and more of us are becoming aware of the impact that meat consumption is having on the […]

10 Fun Facts About Bumblebees

With their adorable fuzzy bodies and bouncy movements as they go from flower to flower, it’s no surprise so many of us have a soft spot for these stripy critters. We love them so much, in fact, that we’ve featured them on a selection of our SS20 kids’ styles, which are guaranteed to bright up […]

Earth Day 2020: 10 easy ways to use less plastic and save money

Today the world is celebrating Earth Day – in fact it’s the 50th anniversary – making now the perfect time for all of us to do something kind for the environment. We’re constantly told we need to be consuming less single-use plastic, and most of us have been making changes to do so. However, with […]

My Little Sister Has Autism – What It’s Taught Me

Meet Keira. Keira is a loving, adventurous, sweet-toothed 10-year-old who loves what most other 10-year-olds love: climbing, dancing, and eating cake! But, Keira won’t tell you this herself. Keira has autism, and is non-verbal.  A couple of years ago, in support of World Autism Day, we had a chat with Keira’s mum, to hear about […]