15 Fiery Names for Babies Born in the Heatwave

If your little one is due this summer, and you’re still struggling on choosing a name, we’ve narrowed it down to 15 beautiful summer baby names with interesting hidden meanings and origins. Summer is a time of warmth, nature, beauty and that light, flowy feeling. Whether you’re looking for a traditional option or one with a funky modern twist, summer names should exude fun and exotic vibes with great references to the warmer months.


A beautiful and exotic option for your little girl, this name has Greek heritage and means ‘light’ in Greek. Believe it or not, it has been steadily climbing the ranks since the 1950’s.



Quickly growing as one of the coolest baby names around, Kai means ‘ocean’ or ‘sea’ in Hawaiian. An easy name that rolls off the tongue, it is currently ranked as the 86th most popular name as of last year.



Meaning ‘the days eye’ in old English, it also means flower – and what a pretty flower it is! Not as popular as you may have initially thought, currently ranked at 233, it’s down 18 spots from the 2016 300 most popular girls’ names.



With the sweet denotation of ‘sun’ or ‘peace’ in Spanish, Sol is a lovely name for a summer born boy. Littles ones with this name are said to be friendly, musical and intelligent… let’s wait and see!



A name that derives from the gemstone itself, with English origin. Encapsulating a blue/green coloring, it mimics warm waters and forest green foliage that surrounds summer. It’s ranked as the 105th most popular name this year!



A Gaelic and English name meaning, ‘little fire’ – need we say more?



Originating from many cultures, this name beckons to long summer days and sultry star-lit nights. It’s not yet ranked very high, but its modernity is growing in popularity.



A cute and classic option meaning ‘from the olive tree’ that comes from the French version of Olivier. Oliver is one of the most prevalent names as it’s been ranked in the top 10 this year.



This gorgeous name means ‘night’ or ‘dark beauty’ in Arabic. True to its name, summer nights are one of the prettiest you’ll see throughout the year and ‘dark beauty’ coincides with a summer night’s view. Layla has a variety of spellings and is currently ranked at 21.



A gorgeous choice for little boys and girls, this name means ‘great’ and ‘magnificent’ and is a vintage favourite that is coming back into the ranking system. A perfect choice for babies born this month!



An ode to summer paradise, a biblical name that evokes the story of the Garden of Eden, it’s a stunning alternative to popular names like Ava or Evie.



Summer and the sun go hand in hand, so what better homage to the warmest months than to name your little one after the son of god? It’s a strong name for an even mightier little boy! Deriving from the legend that Apollo was the son of Zeus and the god of sun and light.



For little girls that will conquer the summer months, why not opt for this traditionally British name: Florence, meaning ‘flourishing and prosperous’.



This zodiac sign works well as a baby’s name, not like Scorpio or Taurus! Children born between late July and Late August have it lucky. The name Leo is Latin for ‘lion’ a strong name for a little boy that’ll be ferocious in the jungle gym but poised and dignified when need be. We love a little Leo!



With Latin origin, you may be surprised to know that this name simply means ‘light’ and is said to promise a personality of good vibes and many smiles. As of last year, Lucy was ranked 39, so it’s staying steadily high in the pile of most popular girls’ names.