20 Beautiful Baby Boys’ Names That Aren’t on the Top 100 List

Recently we brought you 20 Beautiful Baby Girls’ Names that aren’t on the Top 100 List, and we thought it was only fair to share the boys’ version! If you’re looking for baby boy’s names that aren’t among the most popular, but aren’t unheard of either, keep reading.


If you’re a fan of the hugely popular name Jacob but want a more unique variation, Jago is a good choice. Jacob has well-known connections to the bible, but also enjoyed a boost by the popular Twilight films.



The name of an ancient Greek Olympic wrestler, Milo is perfect for strong boys. The name was also popular in medieval Europe, with connections to the name Miles which means ‘soldier’ or ‘merciful’.



Another name associated with the Twilight films! The name Emmett means ‘universal’ and originated in England as the masculine form of Emma. Emmett is fast gaining popularity as a girls’ name too, making it an ideal unisex name.



Like many German names, Otto decreased in popularity during and after the World Wars, but is now back in vogue. Meaning ‘wealthy’, it might indeed bring your little one good fortunes later in life!



With a mid-century feel, Monty is a lovely name if you’re looking for something classic and simple. Monty can be a nickname for either Montague (a pointy hill) or Montgomery (man power), but works just as well as a name of its own.



As we enter further into the 21st century, the connections to a certain friendly ghost are slowly being shed. Casper was also one of the three wise men who brought gifts to baby Jesus, and fittingly, means ‘treasurer’.



This is a powerful, strong name if ever we heard one. Fergus has Scottish and Irish connections and means ‘man of force’ – the ideal of masculine courage and bravado. We’re predicting great things for a Fergus!



The name of several Irish kings throughout history, Lorcan has a long and rich past. Meaning ‘small and fierce’, we can’t think of anything more appropriate for a determined little boy. It’ll get a thumbs up from Harry Potter fans too, as Lorcan was a minor character in the books, and twin brother to Luna.



Malachy is the Irish version of the Hebrew name Malachi, meaning ‘my messenger’. It’s also the name of a king who defeated the Vikings in the year 980 at the battle of Tara. If you opt for the name Malachy, you’ll be in good company – actor Cillian Murphy chose it for his son.



Originally used as a last name, Phelan is gaining popularity as a first name. It means ‘wolf’ making it an easier way to name your son after this loyal and protective animal. Perfect for your latest pack member!



Stemming from Sylvanus, the Roman god of trees, the name Silas was given to people who lived in wooded areas or worked with wood in old English eras. Consider this name if you’re envisaging your son’s love of woodland adventures!



The name Vincent was originally brought to England by the French and means ‘conquering’. One of the most well-known Vincents was St Vincent de Paul, a French priest who organised groups to help the poor, making it a lovely namesake.



The Spanish version of Matthew gives this classic name an exotic, international twist that we love. The new testament Matthew was dependable with an engaging personality which will bode well for your baby.



Victor was made popular in Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign – at the time it was unusual for a boy’s name to be popularised by its female counterpart rather than the other way round.



This traditional Irish name means ‘charioteer’ and is popular in Celtic folklore. It’s also very easy to pronounce in most languages, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for something Irish that isn’t notoriously difficult to pronounce.



With connections to a much-loved bear in a red jumper and yellow scarf, Rupert is a stylish variation of the name Robert. Meaning ‘bright fame’, little boys named Rupert are bound to be successful in what they do.



Continental names have an effortless elegance about them, making Johan a lovely variation of John. It’s gained popularity in recent years (probably thanks to Heidi Klum and Seal’s son) however, it’s still unique enough in Britain to not be making an appearance in the top 100 list any time soon.



The name Jasper means ‘bringer of treasure’ and is actually the same wise man otherwise known as Casper. What a fitting name for the priceless jewel soon to be in your life!



Originally a nickname for Eugene, which means ‘noble’, Gene can now be used as a name on its own, giving Eugene a more stylish edge. Oasis fans will be pleased to know Gene is the name given to Liam Gallagher’s son.



With Latin roots meaning ‘fortress’, Chester sounds strong yet affectionate. The two syllables are also a perfect length, meaning the name will go well with most surnames – bonus!