6 of the Best Educational Toys for Children this Christmas

In celebration of 50 years of exquisite toymaking by French brand Janod, we’ve rounded up some of their best toys for toddlers and babies to add to your Christmas shopping list. Part of Janod’s mission is to create toys and games that are not only fun, but are catalysts for joy, learning and sharing. Learn how you can add some important values to your child’s playtime in today’s blog, along with the perfect toys and games to stimulate their learning.

Accelerate Happiness!

Give your child the chance to escape with out of this world toys like the Magentic Rocket. Janod toys are focused on making children happy, with the bonus of them being able to learn along the way whilst creating lasting memories. A rocket toy will open their imaginations, help them create their own stories and realise their dreams.

Explore Sensations!

Helping little ones perceive different textures, contrasting colours and new sounds is an important part of awakening their senses early on, and helping them discover the exciting world around them. The Sound Camera is made from smooth beech wood and silicone for contrasting hard and soft textures, makes the same sound as a camera shutting when you push the button, and has a colourful kaleidoscope lens that will keep all the senses engaged during play.

Encourage Sharing!

Introduce rules of game playing and rules of life with toys that encourage swapping, sharing and turn-taking. Learning to play together teaches children how to manage their emotions, follow rules, experience losing and winning, gain perspective and understand strategies while sharing special moments with family and friends, and disconnecting a little from their screens. Classic games like the Sardine Fishing Game are a wonderful way for toddlers to take turns playing together.

Boost Memory!

Learning to observe carefully and focus your attention is an important life skill… and it’s easy to do, if you get your little one into the habit of concentrating while playing. Choose games like Janod’s Bath Explorers Map to help them absorb the information whilst enjoying putting the puzzle pieces together and watching them float around the water.

Get Moving!

Encouraging children to move independently will help them master their movements and find their balance and rhythm. From ride-ons to walkers, there are plenty of toys to help get them on their feet and on the go! For early walkers, the Janod Multi-Activities Cat Baby Walker is packed full of fun features and is suitable from 12 months. They can use the walking feature to practice their steps, and when they’re ready for a break, there are plenty of shape sorters and sliders to keep them entertained.

Express Creatively!

Did you know that getting crafty, creative and inventive is also a method of communication? Drawing, writing, painting, making and transforming things are all forms of expression that allow children to convey their emotions, which is a fundamental human need! Learning to manipulate tools like the ones that come with this sweet Janod Shaving Set can help them with the necessary steps to build their co-ordination, refining their grip and mastering the precision of their movements and dexterity. Although they can't physically get creative with the scissors and razor on (lucky) dad's beard, it all contributes to their creative ideas.