6 Tips for Decorating Your Family Christmas Tree

The time has come again to dig out the Christmas decorations, and potentially start thinking about buying new ones to decorate your family tree. We love the excitement that little festive figurines, lights, baubles, tinsel and the rest can bring - especially to children! So, why not give your kids a little more free reign when it comes to decorating the tree this year? After all, what the holiday season is about above all is making special memories you can all treasure for years to come. Read our tips for a little inspiration on how to make decorating the tree a fun activity for both parents and children alike.

Colour Scheme

A traditional red, green and gold colour scheme is always a lovely choice, but why not try something new this season and let your children have a say in which colour scheme you go for? Head to your local store and let them pick out a few tree decorations or bauble set they like, then decide on your colour scheme from there.

It's also becoming more and more popular to incorporate bright and alternative colours on Christmas trees. From lilac and cobalt blue to hot pink, you could find some combinations you never would have considered actually work very well together.

I decided a few years ago that I would choose a different colour theme every year to spice things up a little, and every year I get more excited knowing that I have the chance to get creative and choose new trinkets! You might be thinking this is a little excessive - of course one year soon I will have used up all colour options of the rainbow, but if you love change and can afford to experiment, then why not? You can always donate last year's decorations to someone in need.


Memorable Decorations

If you've recently welcomed a new baby into your family, then buying a special decorative piece to commemorate their first Christmas is a lovely way to celebrate, and can become theirs to keep and treasure one day. You could personalise a bauble with their name, or buy a 'First Christmas' themed decoration to make it extra special.

If you're skeptical about letting your children take over your whole decorating process, simply allowing them to choose one decoration a year to hang on the tree themselves and call their own is a lovely tradition to start and will keep them happy if they like to get involved.


Get Crafting

Remember, not all decorations have to be shop bought. You and your little ones can enjoy getting creative this Christmas making paper snowflakes, snow globes, wreaths and more!

Their Own Little Tree

If the family tree is too big a task for your little one to decorate, why not let them have their own little Christmas tree in their bedroom? They can choose a few decorations themselves, and will be delighted to call it their own. It doesn't have to be real, too big or expensive, and it won't take much tinsel to make it shine! You could even place a few gifts under it come Christmas morning for an extra treat.


Dress the Tree Together

Asking your child for a helping hand when decorating the tree will make them feel very important indeed. It is a big task, after all. They'll love getting tangled in tinsel with you, and handing you baubles from the box to hang on the branches they can't reach. Make sure to reassure them they're doing a great job, even if you plan to re-arrange their masterpiece later!


A Pretty Topper

This is the crowning touch to your festive decoration - an eye-catching, glimmering tree topper is all you need to finish your family Christmas tree decorating.

Traditional toppers include a large star or a sweet angel, but you could also choose something a little more special to suit your personal taste. A bird, snowflake, or even a peacock have risen on the trend ladder this season! As long as the topper is safe to handle and isn't too heavy, you can lift your little one up and let them place it on the top branch for that perfect finishing touch.