Children’s Art Week: 5 fun & easy art projects for toddlers

It’s Children’s Art Week, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to get messy! It’s never too early to get your child’s creative juices flowing and you’re likely to already have lots of materials at home to create a work of art. We’ve rounded up some arts & crafts ideas to help inspire you, as well as a few product picks to stock up on.

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Hand & finger painting

This tried and tested painting method is simple enough for toddlers to grasp and messy enough to keep them entertained! A fun idea is to coat the underside of your child’s forearm and the palm of their hand with brown paint and press onto paper to create a tree trunk and branches. Then they can use their fingers to add leaves and bud to decorate.

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LoLA Awesome Animals Art Box for Children

New to JoJo is a wonderful range of children’s art projects from Lots of Lovely Art (LoLA). Beautifully presented and taking inspiration from world-renowned artists, the Awesome Animals Art Box includes a variety of beautiful projects for your child to get stuck into, which are versatile enough to be adapted to their age and ability.

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Torn paper art

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best, and for torn paper art, you will need minimal materials. Little ones can start with a picture they want to copy, and tear up small pieces of paper in the corresponding colours (old magazines are great for this). Then all they need to do is grab some glue and stick the paper pieces onto a page and replicate the image – or they can use their imagination and come up with their own original piece.

Bubble wrap painting

If you’ve recently received a parcel containing something fragile, chances are you might have some bubble wrap lying around. Put it to good use and get creative! All you need is some paint and a paint brush – ask you child to paint a pattern or scene onto the bubble wrap before helping them to press it onto some paper, transferring the image.

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Dinosaur baking

If your little one loves to get creative in the kitchen, this set is just the thing. They’ll find everything they need to create yummy dinosaur-shaped cupcakes and cookies, including a silicone mould, cookie cutters, an icing bag and more. All you need to do is stock up on the ingredients and get ready to create some edible art!

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