Christmas Eve Traditions that All the Family Will Love

Christmas Eve is so magical for toddlers and young children. Getting Santa's cookies ready and his reindeer's carrots chopped up into yummy bite-sized pieces are just some of the activities that are crucial for his long night ahead of delivering presents. We're here today to give you a few Christmas Eve traditions reminders, to get everyone excited for turkey feasts, magical sleigh bells and more! Read below for our most beloved traditions that'll have the whole family singing 'Merrry Christmas Everyone' from the top of their lungs.

Christmas Eve Boxes

This trend is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Giving your child a festive treat the night before Christmas gets them ready for a few days of magic. Fill it with exciting Christmas things like a pair of new Cosy Reindeer Slipper Boots, a soft Reindeer Baby Comforter that can be personalised too for an extra special touch, or a beautifully illustrated Christmas book such as Busy London at Christmas.

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New Christmas PJ's

That Christmas feeling is always more exciting when you have a fresh set of pyjamas to prance around in. Glow-in-the-Dark snowmen and classic tartan feature in this year's collection at JoJo; we even have tartan options in our maternity range so you and your mini-me can match!


Leave a Note for Santa, and Some Food Too!

Does anyone else remember leaving a note for Santa asking 'Have you been here Santa? Tick the box for yes and leave blank for no'. Come Christmas morning, we'd wake up, rush downstairs and find that yes of course, he did come! Creating a note for Santa together is a special moment for your toddler... It's a time when a magical world is brought to life, one that they'll always remember. Leave the treats somewhere sweet where Santa will easily find them when he shoots down the chimney, like in front of the fireplace.

PS. Don't forget his glass of milk, your kids will likely remind you that he's sure to get thirsty on his travels!


Make a Gingerbread House

You can try to make it from scratch, but you can also buy gingerbread houses pre-made these days... Talk about cutting corners, but if you have children running around excited about Christmas it could be a difficult task getting them to settle down and concentrate. Getting a pre-made one and only asking a short time of them to decorate it with colourful icing should do the trick! It'll get their creative juices flowing, is a great way to practice team work, and allows some lovely bonding time during the festive season.


Festive Film

Snuggling up with your new fluffy socks and pyjamas on, and with a cosy blanket to hand, you and your family will be totally relaxed for one exciting bedtime after watching a Christmas classic with a cup of hot cocoa. There's a huge range of Christmas films for kids, whatever their age - The Snowman, Santa Claus: The Movie, Miracle on 34th Street, Frozen, Elf...

Snow Fun

If you're lucky enough to enjoy some snow this December, taking the time to go sledging or make snow angels on Christmas Eve can become a lovely tradition. You'll be able to spend some quality time as a family and have fun throwing snowballs at one another. Don't forget to keep the little ones wrapped up warm in a pair of snow boots and a snowsuit - warm fleece lining makes them all the more brilliant to wear.


Cuddle up with a Christmas Story

Lay some cushions down and sit under the Christmas tree lights with some festive music playing lightly in the background. Give your child a few Christmas themed books to choose from, and enjoy a sweet story session before bed to soak in all the festive wonders. This is a lovely way to get them relaxed before bedtime!


A Special Delivery

Why not ask your children to give some of the toys they no longer play with to a charity or hospital. They'll be receiving new ones in just a few short hours, so helping less fortunate children will make them value what they have even more, giving Christmas a whole new and important meaning.


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions that you enjoy planning with the family? If you do, leave a comment in the section below to let us know!