Christmas is Coming! Advent Traditions You’ll Love

It’s never too early to prepare for Christmas, and one of the first things you should be planning for is advent! Whether you’ll be getting involved in religious practices, or just looking forward to that chocolate treat each morning, we’ve got some fantastic new products to add to your family’s advent tradition.

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The History Behind Advent Calendars

Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and is the countdown to Christmas Day. The popular Advent calendar tradition was first practiced in Germany in the early nineteenth century when German Protestants started using chalk to draw a line on their walls or doors to mark each day of Advent, and would rub one off each day in the lead up to Christmas. A new practice of hanging a devotional image every day in their home led to the Germans creating the first known Advent calendar which was handmade from wood.

The very first printed calendars appeared in the early 1900s, but they did not have doors as we know them to have today until Gerhard Lang had the brilliant idea of adding them in the 1920s. The calendars featured typical Christmas imagery such as snowmen, nativity scenes and robins and had 24 doors to be opened with images or short bible verses behind them, with chocolate being added only a short time later.

During World War II Advent calendar production stopped due to a shortage of paper, cardboard and chocolate, and the Nazi ban on printing calendars with images. After the war, they made their way back into households with Christmas images behind the doors, and by the late 1950s chocolates were introduced once again.

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Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

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