Creative Kids: 4 Fun Ways to Make an Art Wall

There’s always that fear hanging over that your child will find the Crayola’s or non-wash markers and will cover the walls in flower pictures, stick people and car drawings. Below we’ll be listing a few simple ways you can create them an art wall of their own (Depending on how much space you have and how far you’re willing to go!)

If you’re looking for a simple way to let your children express their artistic flare and blow off a little steam during the holidays or after school, get them to draw and colour-in a picture! After you’ve accumulated a generous amount of artwork, you can pop them on a wall in their play room or bedroom and make a day activity out of it. Praise them for their good work and make adding a piece of art part of your regular routine. They can even choose the art pieces they’ve done at school recently if you’ve ran out of room on the fridge!



This is a fabulous idea for art that won’t fit into a traditional frame, especially if your child has decided to stick on 3D bits and bobs like pom-pom balls or pipe cleaners. You can find old frames, buy them online or even from a charity or cheap craft shop and cover them in matching spray paint for a co-ordinating look. String monofilament cord across the frames and hang the pictures from it with tiny clothespins for a totally adorable finish. It makes it easy to switch out artwork as your child brings more home from school.



Create “clipboards” with recycled (or inexpensive) frames/ pieces of wood to showcase your little one’s drawings. Simply glue metal clips to the frames before hooking to the wall for a vintage vibe. Attach the drawings to the clips, and swap for the latest drawing as often and easily as you like.



This one will probably be the easiest on the list, it’s also the least expensive way to display your child’s artwork. You only need twine, clothespins and some nails. Gently attach the string to the wall, then simply clip your little Picasso’s work for a rustic presentation. You can even get your child to paint the clothespins if you want to make a day out of fun art work with a little bonding time.



For the super-super creative parents, creating decals in your child’s play/bedroom can be a difficult job but the overall finish does look incredible! You can place some temporary decal frames on a wall, or alternatively, you can create ‘frames’ from washi tape. Hey, presto! You can then hang your child’s work with pins or tape.


Now we’ve taken you through four simple ways to exhibit your child’s art work, you’ll be off to the shops to buy your string, paper, tape and pins. Leave a comment in the section below and let us know if you’ve ever done anything like this before, or if you’re thinking about it - we’d love to know!