Fun Facts About Animals K-R

The animal kingdom has its doors wide open to welcome all JoJo lovers to swing, swim, stomp and slither with them this season! All creatures, great and small, adorn our fabulous dresses, dungarees, shirts, skirts, shorts, T-shirts, sleepsuits, rompers and bodysuits to create a wonderfully wild Spring / Summer Collection. These new styles in bold prints & bright tones have landed to add a cool and fun air to your child’s summer wardrobe. Classic patterns and fluid yet durable fabrics add a touch of comfort, whatever adventure they embark on. One spectacular species at a time. Today on Little Extras, we're sharing some fascinating facts about these JoJo animals so you and your little one can have fun learning about the creature on their favourite piece of clothing!

Koalas are found in Eastern Australia and love eating eucalyptus leaves. Baby koalas are called joeys; they grow in their mother’s pouch for another 6 months after the birth.

They live in groups of 10-15 called prides. Female lions do most of the hunting for food while male lions keep watch over their territory and protect the pride.

There are over 260 species of monkey. As a group, they are called a ‘tribe’, ‘troop’ or ‘mission’. Some monkeys are so clever they can use tools and learn new skills.

Known as the ‘unicorn of the sea’, narwhals have an amazing long tusk that’s actually an enlarged tooth on their head that can grow as long as 10 feet!

These cool creatures are our closest relatives. Orangutan means “human of the forest”, they love swinging from trees with their long arms and eating fruit and leaves.

Pandas love eating bamboo. They live in thick bamboo forests in the mountains of China where they spend up to 12 hours of the day eating – hungry bears!

Quails are small birds that mainly live in woodland and forests. Quail chicks hatch after less than a month in the egg and live for around 3-5 years.

These bandit-masked mammals come out in the night-time to forage for food. They are excellent learners and know what things are just by touching them.


Stay tuned on the blog for more fun JoJo animal facts coming soon!