Fun Facts About Animals S-Z

The animal kingdom has its doors wide open to welcome all JoJo lovers to swing, swim, stomp and slither with them this season! All creatures, great and small, adorn our fabulous dresses, dungarees, shirts, skirts, shorts, T-shirts, sleepsuits, rompers and bodysuits to create a wonderfully wild Spring / Summer Collection. These new styles in bold prints & bright tones have landed to add a cool and fun air to your child’s summer wardrobe. Classic patterns and fluid yet durable fabrics add a touch of comfort, whatever adventure they embark on. One spectacular species at a time. Today on Little Extras, we're sharing some fascinating facts about these JoJo animals so you and your little one can have fun learning about the creature on their favourite piece of clothing!

Surprisingly, sharks have no bones! They're made of the tissue that our ears and nose tip are made of. They have fantastic eyesight and can see in very dark areas.

The Toco toucan is the best-known toucan species. They have big bright bills that they use for mating rituals, reaching fruit and tearing food apart like a knife would.

These may be mythical creatures, but we love them no less than other animals! Unicorns are beautiful horses with a long horn on their head.

Vultures have long, hooked beaks that are great for tearing pieces of food. They often put their entire head in their food, so they have no feathers on their heads to help keep them cleaner.

Surprisingly, whales can't breathe under water. They have to swim to the surface to take air in through their blowhole, then they can stay under water for up to 90 minutes.

These little fish have translucent skin that allows you to see their bones and also makes them hard for predators to spot in the water.

Yaks have a thick warm coat that allows them to live in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees. They also live in herds on mountains, at the highest altitude that any mammal lives at.

There are 3 species of zebra, all native to Africa. They're famous for their black and white striped coat. Did you know each zebra's stripes are completely unique?