How to Prep for Your Child’s Birthday in 7 Easy Steps

When you’re planning and hosting a birthday party for your child, you’re likely to experience every emotion under the sun, from happy to sad, and glad to mad! From stress-clutching decisions on what cake filling to get because they love chocolate and vanilla, to seeing their little faces light up with excitement when they see all the balloons, gifts and treats that await them. Below are a few tips to hopefully keep the stressing to a minimum – leaving you to enjoy the festivities too!


Choosing a theme will make the preparations much easier for you. You can pick decorations, entertainment and even food options with a little more ease! Many parents will know their kids’ favourite characters, whether it’s Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol or an old Disney classic. However, many youngsters can be a little unpredictable seeing as they love dinosaurs one day and dragons the next! If you’re having this problem, let them help pick a theme. Put some choices forward and let them choose their favourite, or you can work together to think of ideas and pick one that you both find fun and suitable.


Once the theme is in place, you’ll be good to go with the invitations. This’ll be a little difficult as you may not be able to invite the whole class, choose a handful of those who are closest to your son or daughter and the party should be more manageable. So no one is left out, you can always get your child to take in treats to his/her class so everyone feels like they’ve celebrated with them! Can anyone say no to a packet of Haribo’s and drumstick lollies?


This can be a fun task for your little one. You can buy something that correlates to the chosen theme or do a DIY job where they can glue, pick, stick and print anything they want onto the invite for a personalised finish. Making them together can be a beautiful way to bond and let them get creatively excited for their special day.


Booking entertainment of course depends on your child’s preference and what you can afford, because magicians and clowns come at a cost. It also depends on the theme of the party. For example, if you’re focusing on Disney Princesses, a special visit from their favourite princess goes hand in hand. If you may want to keep it more relaxed, simply having plenty of activities planned will keep them occupied and entertained. Traditional games like pass the parcel, pin the tail and other creative activities will do the trick!

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Planning ahead lessens the risk of any hiccups on the day. Plan your decorating system (best to do the majority the night before while your child is sleeping), when the food will be prepared and when it’ll come out, and when’s best to play all the fun games you’ve got planned.

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It’s always a good idea to over-buy than to run out midway through pouring someone a drink.  Depending on how old your child is and their guests are, it’s worth bearing in mind that you could be catering for parents as well as children. Just in case this does happen, you should sufficiently stock up on enough food and drink for the duration of the party, because imagine if you glance over at the treats table and there’s only one sticky bun left – the shame! If you’re also thinking about party bags, you can buy pre-made or prepare your own depending on your budget.


Your little one is likely to be receiving lots of presents come the day of their party. To make sure they’re polite to their friends, practice saying thank you and make sure they understand its importance. You don’t have to take this too seriously - have fun with it; you can always prompt them by saying, ‘Wow, how lucky are you! What do you say?’.

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Have you had your reservations about how to plan your child’s next birthday party? Follow these 7 simple steps and let us know if they help with your planning process. Leave a comment below to let us know how you overcome the stress of planning a child’s birthday!