Healthy Kids’ Snack Upgrades With @My.Little.Food.Critic

This week, we have been focusing on all things National Weaning Week 2020 and today is no exception. We've welcomed Shikha Gill, the creator of 'My Little Food Critic' - the highly acclaimed baby and toddler-friendly recipe platform - and mum to three-year-old son Zora, to share some exciting and healthy ways to upgrade your children's favourite snacks. Be sure to prepare extra, as we're sure the whole family will want to dig in! 

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Add cheese to cucumber

Cheese adds healthy fat and protein.

Present as cucumber sticks/cut out fun shapes and pair with sticks of cheese or shape cut outs.

Add fruit to greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt adds healthy fat and protein to keep tummies full for longer.

Cookie cutters can encourage little ones to try new or disliked fruit and lots of children enjoy dipping so its a great form of exposure to new foods too.

Add cauliflower to smoothies

Frozen cauliflower is a superb addition to smoothies as it doesn’t impact the flavour at all but is a fantastic way to veggie load.

Don’t hide this from little ones, get them involved in helping! Cauliflower adds vitamin C, fibre and potassium.

Add nut butter & crushed pumpkin seeds to apple

“Apple Nachos” - thinly slice the apple and arrange like nachos. Drizzle over nut butter and crushed seeds.

The nut butter adds healthy fat and protein. Pumpkin seeds add zinc, magnesium & iron.

Note: for young toddlers steam the apple slices until soft and always use a thin layer of nut butter.