How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

We were all young once, and we probably found that brushing our teeth was a chore just before bed or when you first wake up that we didn't necessarily enjoy but nevertheless had to be done. That said, I certainly don't look forward to the task even now! Bringing a little playfulness to the routine when your little ones are getting ready to brush their teeth is a helpful way for them to feel like they're doing something fun and not simply a task. Have a read below for a few ways that you can make brushing teeth an enjoyable experience with less tears and tantrums.

Playing Games

1. Giving your child a spare toothbrush to play with and investigate will make them feel more familiar and comfortable with the product. Encourage them to brush their dolls' and teddies' teeth while you brush theirs (if they're still too young to do it themselves).

2. When they've successfully finished brushing and you hear that "MUUUUM, THE FRONTS ARE DONE", you can celebrate together by making up a silly song and dance or putting a sticker on the rewards chart.

3. There are plenty of apps out there that show little ones how to brush their teeth the right way, featuring timers, countdowns and even fun games like a camera app that shows animals hiding in their mouth's that they'll need to brush away!


Shopping Together

1. Let your little one choose their own toothbrush. This will hopefully get them more excited to use it when you remind them that it's their favourite colour or features their favourite character.

2. There are fun kits that you can buy that include stickers for you to stick onto your toothbrush if you've purchased a plain one. Your child will love designing their own unique toothbrush and will be proud to brush their teeth with their creation.

3. Did someone say fruity toothpaste? There are so many children's toothpaste flavours on the market, there's sure to be one your child likes. From strawberry and mandarin to the traditional mild mint, the world is your oyster!


Setting an Example

1. Showing your child that you love brushing your teeth will hopefully encourage them to do the same, especially if you make it a joint effort in the morning and brush yours at the same time!

2. After brushing, show your child how amazingly white and clean your teeth are with a nice big grin! They'll find this oddly amusing and will hopefully want to show off their pearly whites too - but only once they've been brushed!


Reward Chart

1. We've already mentioned rewards chart as an incentive, but it deserves an extra mention! These are great for motivating little ones to hit milestones like brushing their own teeth and potty training.

2. Once the chart is filled with stars or stickers, the "prize" doesn't have to be extravagant! It could be anything from a new toothbrush to a special cupcake treat to say well done.


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