Reading Tips for Parents of Toddlers

Getting little ones to sit down and enjoy a book can be a difficult task when there are toys, tablets and trampolines to hand. But, reading is such a crucial part of a child’s learning development, so encouraging young minds and engaging interests through books is something you really should add to their list of activities in order to boost their social, imaginative and language skills. Today on Little Extras, we’ve decided to share some fun ways to help your child become a happy and confident reader. Try a different tip each week and let us know which one works best for you!


It’s known that toddlers have shorter attention spans as their creative minds are running a mile a minute. So, when choosing reading material for your little one, make sure the books have short sentences and are simple to read and follow. If you read little snippets from the story several times a day, you may entice your child by building their anticipation and wanting to read more so they can find out what happens in the end.



Lots of colours, pictures and fun words will keep little eyes engaged during reading time. Books that involve animals, cars, machines and 3D details, sounds, moving pieces and different textures will keep little minds and hands busy. These features make for great conversation, as toddlers love exploring and learning new things.



If they want to read their favourite themed stories again and again, make sure you do, no matter how much it drives you round the bend! When your child has a ‘favourite thing’ they’ll be able to sit and enjoy the experience a lot more. Their interests could lie with trains, dinosaurs, princesses or yummy food; so, if you find a book that includes these topics, you’ll help them extend their attention span and build more enthusiasm for reading in general.



Choosing a book that involves a rhyme scheme will help engage young minds. Feel free to get creative and add a little tune or make it into a song as you read the rhymes to get them extra excited for the story being told. Your toddler will be able to learn the rhyming couplets and recite them all on their own the older they get.



When you’re a toddler or youngster, every day is a new adventure. Choosing a book that talks about experiences and adventures will always be exciting to them. Your child will be able to identify with all these different characters whether they’re playing, travelling, on outdoor adventures or visiting new places, and will encourage curiosity.



Any child will find a trip to the library a cool adventure. Your little one may find it easier to discover a new favourite story when it’s presented in a colourful library. You’ll be able to visit as a family, enjoy a few hours of quiet reading time and choosing your favourite stories may even become a weekly ritual!



If you’ve noticed that your child is being a bit lack-lustre when it comes to reading time, try to switch up the kind of stories you tend to read or the time of day you do it. Make sure reading, especially with very young children, is always about building a positive experience with books – it doesn’t matter if you don’t always finish the story or if they didn’t particularly take to last night’s bedtime read, as long as they have learnt something new or at least enjoyed some special bonding time with you.


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