The Ultimate Screen-Free Christmas Gift

When it comes to shopping for Christmas toys, chances are the Toniebox is already on your radar. This awesome no-screens audio device encourages independent active play, sparks imagination and inspires a love of books and storytelling from a young age. Today, Tonies stop by to tell us why they think the Toniebox is the ultimate Christmas gift for kids.

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Welcome to screen-free play!


The Toniebox is a small, softly padded audio speaker available in every favourite colour. Designed to replace bright and over-stimulating screens, the Toniebox is revolutionising how young children listen and play at the same time.


The portable Toniebox presents children with a unique audio experience, fostering imagination and inspiring independent active play. Children can dance, sing, play and listen to music or an engaging story, all via the wonderful world of Tonies.


Aimed at ages 3+, this storytime companion is perfect for little hands and wild imaginations, with hundreds of adventures at their fingertips.


Combining tech with the need to get kids reading


Audio storytelling introduces pre-readers and developing readers to the magical world of narrative, long before they can read for themselves. What makes the Toniebox irresistible to little ones is that it takes the concept of audio one step further, by combining every child’s fascination with technology to create an interactive audio system that will inspire a love for stories and books.


With a battery life of 7 hours once charged, children can take music and storytime wherever they go. Ready-to-play Tonie figures come pre-loaded with songs and stories from their favourite characters. With simple tactile controls and characters with a play value all of their own, this audio speaker is quite simply the toy the kids won’t put down.

The importance of audio


Recent research by the National Literacy Trust found audiobooks to be hugely beneficial to younger children (from birth to aged 8) through the development of comprehension skills and engagement with stories. Audio is proven to benefit children’s reading skills, as well as their mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence.


Interestingly, findings also revealed that listening to an audiobook requires the same cognitive skills as reading in print, therefore supporting your child’s development of skills that children need to read.


The perfect present for a reluctant reader


Books have always made brilliant Christmas gifts. They provide escapism; they transport you to worlds you’ve never dreamed of, but not every child will have the patience or the know-how to read by themselves. Audiobooks on the other hand, are brilliant at engaging reluctant, struggling and developing readers. The Toniebox helps to break down the barriers of the written word, giving children the freedom to embrace a world of exciting adventure and a variety of stories above their own reading abilities. It’s this immersive experience that will instil and foster a passion for reading that will last a lifetime.


Bedtime routine: a seamless transition into the land of nod


Bedtime is the ideal opportunity to read stories and play soothing music to prepare your child for sleep. It’s then the Toniebox transforms from favourite storytime companion to the perfect sleepy-time friend, with a whole host of dreamy content to lull your little one into a golden slumber.


The perfect stocking fillers: NEW Christmas Tonies


Your little one will love bringing their Toniebox to life with our whimsical collection of Tonies. And just in time for Christmas, Tonies have added five hugely popular new characters to its extensive library of stories, songs and audio. To much applause, we welcome Frozen 2, Fantasia, Thomas and Friends, Barbie Princess Adventure, and A Bear Called Paddington.


Fabulous stocking fillers that offer hours of fun, December’s new release Tonies will be bringing huge smiles to faces all over the country this Christmas, as little listeners build strong connections to new stories and characters.


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The Toniebox Starter Set comes with a Creative-Tonie for you to upload up to 90 minutes of your very own audio. There’s no doubt about it, the Toniebox is set to be top of many a letter to Santa this year.