How to throw the best ever Sleepover

A first sleepover can be a defining childhood moment – your little one will likely stay up past their bedtime, camp out on the floor, have lots of treats, and hang out with their best friends rather than cuddly toys. So how do you make it a night to remember?


A sleepover might not necessarily be a party, but it still requires organisation, especially if you have gifts and game ideas to prepare. Remember to consider the room size when deciding on your special guests, as you don’t want to run out of sleeping space once all the sleeping bags are laid out!


For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think sleepovers is the giant pillow fight. This might be more ‘Sleepover Club’ than reality, but when it comes to making the perfect sleep zone, the more feathers and fluff the better! The whole bedroom floor could become a giant bed of blankets and cushions, or you could make cute individual huts for the little ones to sleep in.


It’s completely up to you whether you want to serve your guests dinner, or let them know that they should eat before they arrive. Either way, there are endless ideas for snacks at a sleepover, especially if you have a theme! Think individual popcorn boxes for a movie night, fruit cocktail sticks for a pamper night, and a hot chocolate bar for the perfect chill out time before sleep.


As mentioned above, if you have a particular theme in mind it might be easy to set the scene. Glow sticks or fairy lights can be a fun way to keep some brightness in the room after lights out, and essential oil diffusers will add a sweet scent to your pamper night.


Although most time will be spent gossiping and dancing around to their favourite tunes, be sure to provide some hands-on activities for the kids to stay entertained throughout the night. Set up a mini-spa with nail varnish and face masks; or get even more creative by personalising your own pyjamas and pillow cases!


Remember that your guests will still be there in the morning, so you might want to be prepared with ideas for breakfast, and maybe even provide them with matching toothbrushes or gift bags to take home. Pancakes, waffles or toast are simple but great as the range of toppings are endless. Individual cereal boxes are also a great but easy way of feeding large groups.