Toniebox: the perfect screen-free audio device

We’ve teamed up with Toniebox, makers of the brand new audio device geared towards independent play, fostering imagination and a love of books and storytelling. Today, they tell us what makes the Toniebox the perfect gift for little ones – especially if they love gadgets but you’re keen to reduce the screen-time!

Fostering imagination and independent active play… everything a young explorer's growing mind needs

We all know how imaginative children can be and how creative they are given half a chance! The Toniebox revolutionises how young children listen and play at the same time; they can move about, dance, play and listen at the same time to an engaging story or music.


Swap screen time for a Toniebox and you’ll never look back.


Storytelling introduces new vocabulary to children and it’s easier to teach the meanings of the words as children learn faster from the context of a story. Try sitting with your little ones whilst they listen and simply take the Tonie off the Toniebox and ask them what they have understood. You might be amazed at how quickly they pick up new words and expressions!


Do you have a reluctant reader?

Books are wonderful for children, there’s no question about it. But not all little ones have the patience to listen to stories for longer than a few minutes.


Audiobooks are a great way of engaging reluctant, struggling and developing readers. Children are able to access a wider range of stories through audiobooks, where difficulty understanding written text is a barrier,  with stories beyond their reading level made accessible. The ‘cool factor’ of listening to stories on an audio device is also particularly appealing to reluctant readers.

The ability to listen to a book as a family is an important way of getting books into the home

Audio storytelling introduces pre-readers and developing readers to the wonders of narrative long before they can read for themselves. Over time, those narratives become the books children want on their shelves, read along with their families and cherish for a lifetime.


Research published by the National Literacy Trust in February 2020, shows that engagement with audiobooks can benefit children's reading skills and enjoyment, as well as their mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence. Listening to an audiobook requires the same cognitive skills as reading in print, and also supports the development of skills that children need to read including language comprehension and the ability to understand and retain information.


Supporting bedtime routines

Bedtime can be a very precious time for children and parents. It's a time for reading stories and playing soothing music, a time to deepen our bonds and create healthy nourishing sleep patterns.