10 Genius Parenting Hacks for Getting Through Winter

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Winter is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. We’ve always been about getting out and having fun whatever the weather, which is why we’ve rounded up some clever hacks to help you and your little ones keep active and enjoy the outdoors – as long as they’re warm and cosy, there’s nothing stopping them!

1. Keep hands super cosy by layering mittens over gloves – just go one size bigger with the mittens – and your little one is ready to face the freeze!


2. If you’re using our kids’ waterproof trousers and one-pieces, keep movement to the max and dressing super easy by layering cosy leggings or thermals underneath instead of bulky jeans or joggers. This will keep your child warm and dry while allowing them to move freely, especially when wearing the fleece-lined pieces.

3. Make use of old leggings or knee socks and a few other household items and make a super snuggly heat pad to cosy up to. Simply fill a long sock with uncooked rice (if using leggings, separate the legs and tie one end with an elastic band first) and close up the opening by tying with string or an elastic band. Microwave for a couple of minutes, along with a cup of water (the steam helps stop the rice from scorching) and it’s ready to cuddle (just make sure it’s not too hot)!


4. We’ve all been there – you’re in a rush to get everyone out the door and your stubborn toddler refuses to put on their coat, no matter how much you bribe, beg or plead! Turn the task into a fun game by using the coat flip – we can almost guarantee it’ll spring your child into action!

5. Turn old adult socks into child-size leg or arm warmers. Simply cut off the toes and slide onto little limbs to help keep the chill out.


6. Make snow art! Simply fill some spray bottles with water and a few drops of food colouring then spritz onto snow. You could even jazz up a snowman by giving him some colourful accessories.


7. To keep feet as cosy as can be, make your own snuggly insoles. Cut out pieces of thick felt or even an old woolly jumper and place them inside winter boots – this works really well for boots that your child is still growing into. Or, if you can’t be bothered making your own, buy our brilliant lambskin insoles.


8. If you have a child who insists on dressing themselves and constantly rejects your offers of help, raid their sticker book to find one of their favourite characters and cut it in half. Place one half in each shoe so they match up when worn the right way round.

9. If water has seeped into shoes or boots after a day playing in the rain, scrunch up some newspaper and place inside each shoe. It’ll help absorb moisture, allowing them to dry much quicker.


10. Hang a shoe organiser on the back of a bedroom or under-stairs cupboard door to keep gloves and other accessories organised and easy to find. The ones with the clear pockets are especially useful for quickly locating what you need.

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