5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden

Last month was the hottest May since records began, and we see no end to this glorious weather anytime soon. So, today we’re sharing our top five ways to make the most of your garden while the sun is shining. Don’t forget the ice lollies and layer up the sun lotion! 


1. Picnic

A successful picnic (whether in your garden or local park) requires a few essentials. Picnic basket, picnic blanket, plates, cups, utensils, napkins, ice packs, corkscrew or bottle opener, finger food, drinks of choice, rubbish bags, games!  

Great family picnic games include: duck, duck, goose, badminton, Frisbee or Nerf throwing, rounders, cards, I spy. 

Need some picnic food inspiration? Check out these child-friendly ideas from Annabel Karmel: 

2. Camping

If your summer holiday has been cancelled this year, it’s time to get creative and bring the holiday to your own home! If you've got a tent and other camping essentials, have you ever considered camping in your garden? The build-up can be just as exciting as a drive to the airport as little ones watch the tent go up and sleeping bags get laid down. Whilst you’re busy doing the adult assembling, the children could be decorating bunting to hang around the tent for an extra special touch. End the day roasting marshmallows on the BBQ, singing some of your favourite songs, and watching the stars shine before you get settled. Will your kids make it through the night without missing their bed? Take on the challenge!  


3. Growing Veg

Turn over a new leaf and grow your own! This is a lovely way to learn to appreciate your outdoor space and the wonders of Mother Nature if you don’t already spend lots of your time out in the garden. Plus, there’s no better feeling than watching your seeds sprout and eating the fruits of your own labour – somehow they always taste better than the store bought equivalent. If you don't have a garden, there are plenty of seeds that will love your kitchen window or balcony just as much! Check out our beginner’s guide to starting a vegetable patch: 

4. Workout Zone

If you also happen follow Louise Thompson on Instagram, you’ll know she has transformed her garden into the perfect outdoor workout space during lockdown. This includes giant interlocking gym mats that can be adjusted to fit your space, plenty of weights, resistance bands and any other accessories you usually require. We’d also recommend a wireless speaker for some motivational music and a large water bottle, so you don’t have to interrupt your workout to keep hydrating in the kitchen. Fresh air, a clear sky and the occasional breeze provides the perfect energy for a successful workout session. 

5. Play Area

There are lots of creative ways you can make your garden a safe and fun space for little ones to play. First, you’ll want to map out your kids zone carefully – choose a shady spot that’s still warm enough for them to want to stay outside. Consider how close the area is to your neighbours – you want to avoid toys being lost over the fence or too many noise complaints. If it’s a grassy area, spruce it up by getting rid of weeds and giving it a trim; if it’s a patio or decked area, just make sure there are no loose slabs or planks lying around or sticking out. Play bark or rubber can be added to make the ground softer to play on, especially if you will be adding slides or raised platforms. And, to add an extra wow factor, you could paint any fences or chairs to brighten up the place - the kids will love helping with this! Discover some of our amazing outdoor toys: