5 Ways to Treat Your Pet this National Pet Day

Meet Mabel! The latest adorable addition to the JoJo Head Office team. Mabel loves her new workplace – she has fun riding the train in the morning with her mum, sometimes as an early morning treat she’ll get to run around Battersea Park before coming into the office, and once the clock strikes 9, she’s bouncing around saying good morning to all her colleagues who give her so many tummy rubs! When everyone starts to get stuck into their work, she takes a nap in her cosy cage under the desk with all her favourite toys. This National Pet Day, Mabel would like all pet owners to learn how they can treat their pet the right way, read the blog to find out more…


Pets love toys! They love pulling, chasing, bouncing and biting them all day, and this can cause a lot of wear and tear! So, if you’ve been cringing at the sight and smell of that rag in the corner that used to be a cuddly toy, today is the perfect day to replace it. How to choose the best dog toy? Well, like children, you should start by choosing toys based on your dog’s age. Puppies that still have their baby teeth should play with soft rubber or plush toys; during the teething process, it’s best to avoid hard rubber and stock up on chew toys. Once the teething process is over, your dog’s jaw will be nice and strong – perfect for hard rubber toys, balls or ropes to pull on. Older dogs may have slightly weaker jaws, so you may want to switch back to softer toys once they reach around 7 years. Another thing to bear in mind is the size of the toy. Again, just like children, toys can become a choking hazard for pets. Make sure the toys aren’t so small that it can be swallowed whole, and if you notice pieces falling off it’s time to replace it.


According to pet food company and fellow B Corp Lily’s Kitchen, poor dental health affects around 80% of the pet population! If you’ve been too busy to clean your pet’s teeth for the past few days, do them a huge favour and brush their teeth today. Your vet or vet nurse can give you a good demonstration of how to clean their teeth the best way, so be sure to ask them on your first visit. The most important things to know are: you should choose a toothbrush specially designed for your pet and appropriately sized for their mouth, you should never use human toothpaste – there are plenty of pet-specific ones on the market and if you try to do it at the same time each day when your pet is quiet and relaxed, they should learn to love it – especially if the routine is followed by a treat!


Just like humans, pets can get allergies and dry skin which can lead to itchiness and infection if your pet scratches too much. If you notice your pet itching, scratching or licking themselves a lot, you should consider a trip to the vet to discover where the irritation is coming from. Did you know that your pet's diet can have a huge influence on their skin and fur health? If you notice skin inflammation, it could be worth trying your pet on a wheat and/or gluten free diet to see if dietary sensitives or allergies are the cause of irritation. You can also take a little preventative measure against other potential allergies by washing your pet’s bedding in hypoallergenic washing powder and giving them a bath using moisturising pet shampoo followed by a grooming session to keep their coat in good condition. What a lovely pamper session!


Pets love spending time with their owners and they’ll love it even more if you turn this quality time into a fun and exciting game! Lily’s Kitchen have a wonderful selection of ‘Game Time’ videos, showcasing games that your dog will love to play, including ‘Hide & Treat’! And did you know that you can also play fetch with your cat? Make sure you choose a toy that’s easy for them to carry in their mouth and you’ll find that once you throw it, they’ll surprisingly bring it back for you to throw again.


The best way you can treat your pet is to learn all about what’s good for them and what to avoid. Dedicate some time to learning which ingredients will benefit them most and which ones to avoid, then check what’s in your current pet food. Some “human” food is also great for pets and could be considered a nice treat for them if it’s something they haven’t tried before. So, pick up a book, do a little browsing, and get to know your pet inside out.


Mabel would be proud!