6 Tips for Your Paddling Pool

It's holiday-at-home week at JoJo and paddling pool season is officially here! We’ve rounded up our top tips for getting the most out of your pool – including ideas for keeping it clean, saving time and dialling up the fun for your little ones. No paddling pool? No problem – shop our range here.

1. Use this ingenious hack for keeping your paddling pool clean overnight; a fitted sheet will keep dust, dirt and debris off so you can carry on the fun the next day, saving water and time.


2. Fill up your paddling pool first thing and leave it in the sun to warm up. By the time the kids are up, fed and ready for the day, it should be the perfect temperature.


3. Don’t forget about sun protection! For extra coverage, try one of our sun protection suits, and remember to regularly apply sun cream as the water can reduce its longevity.


4. On very hot days, use your paddling pool to give your children an outdoor bath! The water doesn’t need to be particularly deep and you can warm it up with a few kettle-fuls of hot water (remember to check the temperature before your child gets in). Add bubbles and toys for an authentic bathtub experience.


5. You don’t have to just use water in your paddling pool, especially when it’s not so hot out. If your little one loves messy play, use your paddling pool to keep soil, mud, sand or anything else they love to play with contained.


6. When you’re not using your pool for watery fun with older children, make a play pen for younger babies. Place cushions and toys inside an empty paddling pool, along with your little one to create a safe and contained play area – perfect for days spent inside.